Month: March 2019

The Loan Change: Renegotiation, Subrogation, ReplacementThe Loan Change: Renegotiation, Subrogation, Replacement

  The Loan Change The decision to adopt a loan change is taken by the consumer when he considers that the conditions to which the loan is subjected are no longer sustainable. A mortgage constitutes a significant financial commitment, which continues for many years and whose conditions may change, especially if the contract provides for […]

Non-possessory movable pledge: get the loan and keep the assetNon-possessory movable pledge: get the loan and keep the asset

  The non-possessory security lien is a form of guarantee for obtaining credit, which however allows the lender to retain possession of the asset committed to the creditor. In general, committing a valuable asset to obtain a loan is a very common way to obtain a loan without a pay slip, ie when the applicant […]