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Vodafone has announced plans to switch off the aging 3G network next year to focus on using free-spectrum to augment its 4G and 5G networks. Find out what he can do here .

what is 3G?

Launched the following century, the 3G spectrum announced the start of the transition from the perfect mobile phone to the bells and whistles of most of the public’s smartphones today.

From video-calling and accessing services as web traffic and traders to the speculation of Premier League highlights, 3G spectrum inaugurated the mobile era of the broader digital revolution.

Spectrum UK mobile workers have raised a staggering £22.5bn in auction in 2000, as the promise of billions in new revenues from increased usage of text and phone calls has fostered a formidable bidding war. Three Hutchison-owned UK 3G networks launched in 2003 for the first time.

what is being switched off?

UK networks were state of the art in the past two decades, but 4G and 5G networks have been surpassed by powerful and efficient technology.

As mobile phone users upgraded to smartphones for years, 3G became obsolete. Today less than 4% of information from Vodafone customers is used on their 3G network, and it is only 2% among BT-owned EE, compared with about 30% recently since 2016.

Mobile workers are looking for 3G networks to receive and use spectrum support services for 4G and 5G.

who will be affected?

BT, which owns mobile branded between EE and Plusnet, has previously said between 2 million and 3 million people using 3G mobile phones across all UK mobile networks.

Many of these older phone owners prefer to stick to using simple devices rather than be enticed by smartphones. Some have maintained a ready-made 3G version so that they may lose their main phone option in case of an error.

In 2017 the popularity of simple phone was updated with Nokia 3310 3G selling 13m phones worldwide and making it the third most popular phone brand in the UK that year.

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Will 3G reverse affect mobile phone coverage across the UK?

Based on data coverage, about 2.2% of the UK alone is covered by 3G signal. Most in remote places, such as in rural Scotland, parts of North-Norfolk, Wales and Cornwall.

However, all of these sites still have a basic 2G code that provides voice calling, but has extremely limited access to internet data that is not switched off. Nevertheless, EE said it hopes to be able to evolve coverage on 4G and 5G and hopes to switch off 2G networks as soon as possible.

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