Announcing Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 3 headphones

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Just a week after revealing his Silent True Wireless Sport HeadphonesSennheiser yesterday unveiled an update to its flagship Momentum True Wireless 2 Headphones from 2020, by launching a New version which introduces an easier way for users to adjust the sound to their personal preferences, among other improvements.

the Momentum True Wireless 3 The headphones feature a slightly smaller design than their predecessors, with Sennheiser taking a more rounded approach this time around. There’s also a customizable touchpad on the outside of each bud. It’s a cosmetic improvement that should also be familiar to users of the previous model.

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Inside the Momentum True Wireless 3 you’ll find the same 7-millimeter drivers that Sennheiser has used in the past, and while that’s considerably smaller than the 11-millimeter drivers used in competing products like the Nothing by ear (1), Sennheiser’s secret sauce of earphone tuning meant that the Momentum True Wireless 2 always sounded fantastic and well-balanced. You can probably expect similar performance from the upgraded model as well.

A hybrid approach to active noise cancellation allows the headphones to constantly monitor users’ surroundings and increase or decrease the ANC level to block out as much of the world as possible while maximizing battery life . Incidentally, battery life is rated at seven hours on the buds alone, or 28 hours in total when occasionally docked inside the Qi-enabled wireless charging case. Three beamforming microphones in each earbud serve both ANC functionality and to accurately pick up the voice of the wearer during hands-free phone calls.

With a prize of $250 (you can pre-order them now or wait until May 10 when they will be officially available), the Momentum True Wireless 3 are definitely a high-end offering designed to rival popular options like Apple’s AirPods Pro. But Sennheiser helps justify the madness with a “guided listening test” via the accompanying mobile app that allows users to easily tweak the sound to their preference without having to fiddle with sliders on an equalizer, which which can be intimidating to some. It’s a feature reminiscent of what Sonarworks’ SoundID app does for wireless headphones like the Grell Audio TWS/1but it looks like Sennheiser has come up with its own solution for the Momentum True Wireless 3, and it’s hopefully a feature that will be introduced to other headphones from the company in the future.

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