Apple considered removing the SIM card slot from some iPhone 14 models

Apple has internally discussed the idea of ​​launching some iPhone models without a SIM card slot by next year, according to Bloombergis Mark Gurman. In his last To light up newsletter, Gurman said the move would be part of Apple’s push towards eSIMs.

Gurman said the SIM card slot could be removed on some iPhone 14 models, which Apple is expected to announce in just three days, although he said it’s possible the change won’t happen. not until the iPhone 15 next year. The possible removal of the SIM card slot has been rumored many times before.

“Apple will give eSIM a bigger push this time around as carriers prepare to steer users towards digital and embedded SIMs rather than physical ones,” Gurman wrote in its newsletter. “In fact, Apple has considered removing the physical SIM card slot completely from this year or next for some models.”

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows users to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical nano-SIM card. eSIM availability is growing rapidly, but the technology is still not available in all countries, so some iPhone models with a SIM card slot may remain available for at least a few years over the next few years. transition.

iPhone 13 models sold in Apple Stores and on already don’t have a nano-SIM card in the box, with users typically able to activate a cellular plan via eSIM by turning on the iPhone, logging into a Wi-Fi network and following the on-screen instructions. The iPhone 13 models also support multiple eSIM profiles, allowing users to digitally subscribe to multiple cellular plans and switch between them, which is useful for travel.

Removing the SIM card slot could help further improve the iPhone’s water resistance and possibly free up a tiny amount of space inside the device.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 lineup at a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday. Other products expected to be announced include Apple Watch Series 8 models, a new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Pro, and new AirPods Pro.

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