Apple had an M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for the M2 Extreme

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Mark Gurman has provided some details about unreleased Apple products in a new interview, suggesting that an M1 Mac Pro won’t come and the Mac mini won’t see a redesign.

Gurman normally pays for Bloomberg where he provides leaks and rumors from his insider sources. For example, he recently shared details about the rumored Apple Watch Series 8 “Pro” in his “Power On” newsletter.

The interview was hosted by YouTube channel Max Tech, where Gurman discussed some of the overblown controversies that interviewers initially threw around the M2 MacBook Air. As the interview continued, Gurman shed some light on the unreleased Apple products that won’t be released.

“I don’t think there will be a redesign of the Mac mini,” Gurman said. “Actually, I don’t know where the rumors of a redesign are coming from. I think those will be spec bumps as well.”

After the reveal of the Mac Studio, it looked like Apple would no longer announce a redesigned Mac mini. A Mac Pro with M1, however, remained rumored until very recently.

Rumored new Mac mini design may never be announced

“They also had an M1 Mac Pro, which was ready to go months ago,” Gurman continued. “But I guess they gave that up to wait for the pro version of the M2.”

Rumors had originally speculated that the Mac Pro would be announced at WWDC with an M1 variant, possibly superior to the M1 Ultra. It didn’t work, and now, with the existence of the M2 processor, the Mac Pro might not arrive for a long time.

Gurman thinks the Mac Pro with “M2 Extreme” could be announced by the end of 2022, but wouldn’t be released until mid-2023 at the earliest. Apple could also announce new iPad Pros with M2 and above during the same period.

The full interview is available on Max Tech’s YouTube page. Gurman shares repeated information about future AirPods and Apple Watch models and the state of Apple considering the economy.

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