Apple will enter the metaverse in 2023 and rival Mark Zuckerberg’s meta world, leak says

Rumors of an Apple-sponsored VR headset are coming to life as the company seeks to challenge Mark Zuckerberg for metaverse dominance.

Insiders say Apple’s foray into virtual reality is coming in 2023.


Zuckerberg has been open about his focus on metaverse development
Ian Zelbo's concept art for the Apple VR headset has given rumors steam


Ian Zelbo’s concept art for the Apple VR headset has given rumors steam1 credit

PhoneArena reported that Apple’s headphones could cost up to $3,000 – the same article notes that they expect to move over a million units in the first year.

Reports indicate that the device will feature a powerful chip developed in-house by Apple that will improve motion detection and the overall VR experience.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has, at least publicly, strayed in favor of augmented reality over fully immersive virtual reality.

The Economist quoted Cook as saying, “There are clearly some interesting niche things for VR. But it’s not deep in my opinion. AR is deep.”

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg and company race to expand worlds within the metaverse with other companies hot on their trail.

Meta is so fascinated by the metaverse that it canceled Facebook’s annual F8 conference.

According to New York TimesMeta has invested $10 billion in Metaverse developments, five times what the company paid to buy VR headset maker Oculus.

But Apple has the potential to be a market usurper.

Apple AirPods had generated more revenue than some big tech companies like Spotify, Adobe and Twitter – and wireless headphones are just one product in Apple’s arsenal.

The opportunity for full integration into one person’s tech ecosystem might be irresistible to some Apple-heads.

Industry expert and Bloomberg reporter Marc Gurman says the headset could share parts of an operating system with the iPhone and isolate Apple products and lock out competitors.

It’s another battle in the rivalry between Meta and Apple – which has recently intensified over security and data.

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Facebook was largely dependent on lax security and data tracking measures that Apple has blocked with its App Tracking Transparency Policy.

The hostile competition between super-companies will play out in cyberspace.

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