Apple wins huge share of smartphone brand switches in US

San Francisco: At least 73% of reps said tech giant Apple won the most Switches, while just 16% go to Samsung in the US, according to a report.

According to new data from US carrier channels, at least 43% of reps said they would switch from Android to iOS based on software, while 51% added that the overall rate of switching between two operating systems was about equal, reports GizmoChina.

Only 5% chose Android over iOS.

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This indicates that Apple is carving out the lion’s share of smartphone brand switches. The iPhone recorded a market share of 66% for AT&T, 60% for Verizon and 57% for T-Mobile respectively.

It is said to be better than previous years, according to the report.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series that debuted last October are still outselling previous generations of Apple smartphones.

Across all carrier channels, the iPhone 13 was the top model with a 25% market share in May, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 16% and the iPhone 13 Pro with 13%.

The iPhone 13 Mini recorded a 2% share while other iPhones accounted for 4%. Carrier representatives added that sales of the iPhone SE 3 were weak.

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