Apple’s latest AirPods are back on sale for $150

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We saw AirPods Pro and second-generation AirPods drop to near-record prices last week, and now third-generation AirPods have followed suit. Apple’s latest version of its popular wireless earbuds is currently down $150, which is $30 off their regular price and just $10 more than their all-time low price. We last saw them at this price in late March, so now is a good time to grab them if you missed the previous sale.

Buy AirPods (3rd Gen) on Amazon – $150

Apple has made a lot of improvements to these AirPods, including giving them a total overhaul that makes them a better fit than the second-generation wireless buds. They still don’t quite match the AirPods Pro when it comes to adapting to different ear shapes, but they are much better than regular AirPods. Apple has also dramatically improved the audio quality of these headphones by pairing a custom driver with a high dynamic range amplifier. You’ll get crisp highs and rich, consistent bass from these buds, and if you’re upgrading from a pair of second-gen buds, you’ll immediately notice the difference in sound quality from the moment you put on the new AirPods in your ears.

On top of that, the latest AirPods support adaptive equalizer, spatial audio, and dynamic head tracking, and they also have longer battery life. You’ll get up to six hours of listening time before they need recharging, and when used with their MagSafe case, you’ll get up to 30 hours of total use. And as with other Apple headphones, this model incorporates the H1 chip, which enables convenient features such as hands-free access to Siri and quick pairing and switching between Apple devices. Overall, this is a solid pair of wireless headphones that will make a good first pair for iPhone users who haven’t purchased one yet, or a great upgrade for those who use their existing headphones in the ground.

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