Apple’s next iPhone will lack this crucial feature

Apple’s iPhone 14 will be missing a crucial feature that many Apple fans have been waiting for, according to new reports.

There’s a feature I’ve wanted to return to Apple’s high-end iPhones for some time, and it looks like this year I’ll be disappointed again. If you haven’t guessed what this feature is, it’s Touch ID.

Yes, it’s available on iPads and iPhone SE models, but I was hoping to see Touch ID in addition to Face ID on the iPhone 13 last year. Now, it looks like Touch ID won’t be coming back to the iPhone 14 either.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst whose Apple predictions are usually very accurate, says Touch ID could return as an under-display feature, but it probably won’t arrive until 2023.

This is supported by another report in cult of mac which details comments from a display expert Ross Young indicating that Touch ID will not be back this year.

For the past two years, it seemed like Apple was working to bring back Touch ID. The iPhone maker had been working on an under-display version of fingerprint identification, prominent Apple leakers said. I don’t understand why Apple hasn’t introduced it yet, especially since it’s available on most Android phones.

Other rumors indicated that Apple was introducing Touch ID through the power button.

Part of the reason Touch ID would be great is the masks – it’s not easy to use Apple Pay on your iPhone when you’re on the go and wearing one, especially if you’re not wearing your Apple Watch . Yes, Face ID will soon recognize people wearing a mask, but Touch ID adds that extra convenience.

Another thing that prevents Face ID from working on the iPhone is sunglasses. But with Touch ID, all you have to do is put your thumb on your iPhone.

Granted, Apple didn’t know the pandemic would happen, and features from the iPhone maker typically take a year and a half to two years to arrive on actual devices. But while the pandemic has fueled desire for Touch ID, many Apple fans still want the feature back.

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