PUM 2.3.8 released

3rd December 2010

Version 2.3.8 of Privileged User Manager ® (PUM) released – improved auditing and security

PERTH, Western Australia.  December 3rd, 2010: Perth software house, Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd. ("APTECH") today announced General Availability of V2.3.8 of its Privileged User Manager ® ("PUM") software.  PUM provides users with the first, commercial-strength privileged account (super user) monitoring, management and auditing package for UNIX and Linux based systems that is available at no greater a cost than a supported version of an open source alternative. 

PUM allows end user organizations to centrally manage, monitor and audit the use of super user accounts, providing an indelible audit trail of all activity.  The new version of the web browser based PUM software adds improved auditing performance, enhanced password strength controls, additional improvements to the PUMAdmin UI for the presentation of large volumes of data, and load balancing for the PUMClient UI.

In particular, PUM V2.3.8 now provides organizations with the ability to audit large amounts of audit data without impacting performance.

Neil Chaney, CEO of Applecross Technologies said, "We found that most of our early customers wanted to audit all commands that are invoked as a superuser plus all the information that is returned.  When you have hundreds of systems administrators issuing concurrent commands that can generate a lot of data, all of which has to be encrypted and stored, you create a massive processing overhead.  In PUM v2.3.8 we have made that auditing mechanism even faster, so that PUM does not impact on the performance of the systems administrator, even when large volumes of data are being produced."

The PUMClient web browser based user interface used by many systems administrators due to its capacity to manage multiple systems concurrently, has also been extended to provide for some limited load balancing.   Other changes have been made to the PUMAdmin UI and to the password strength controls.

Chaney went on to say, “As the number of PUM implementations grows, we are getting more and more feedback from our users as to the enhancements they would like to see in the software.  The level of interest in using and improving PUM is quite remarkable.  Version 2.3.8 is an interim release developed wholly in response to customer input.”  

Chaney ended by saying, “PUM V2.3.8 introduces authentication policies for users for the first time, so that different types of superuser can be treated totally differently in terms of how they are authenticated to use PUM.  Combined with some of the other improvements and enhancements in PUM v2.3.8 we believe that we are continuing to move ahead of our competitors in terms of ease of use, speed of deployment and scalability.”

The software is sold and supported worldwide by Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., its strategic partner - Open Systems Management (“OSM”) in Europe and the Americas - and authorized resellers.

The software is offered on an annual subscription license basis only, and the annual fee includes the license, support and all upgrades.  Pricing is set at US$1.00 per system per day, or US$365 per system per year.  Discounts are provided for volume purchases.

About Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd.

Applecross Technologies (APTECH) - a privately held company, founded in 2005 and based out of Perth in Western Australia - develops and markets low cost, high quality security management software for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems.  The software is supported worldwide out of offices in Perth, the UK and Seattle, WA, USA.


For further information, contact Neil Chaney:

Tel. +61 (0)8 6365 4139

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