Awesome iPhone hack exposes catfish trying to trick you – and it only takes seconds

IF you think a date is lying about their height, a TikToker has revealed a cheeky iPhone trick to figure it out.

Although it may not be going too well.


TikToker trick may not be the best idea for a first dateCredit: @keyboardshortcuts

As most people who date online know, there’s nothing worse than someone pretending to be a certain height but turning out to be much shorter when you finally meet.

Keyboard Shortcuts, which has 1.5 million followers on the platform, advised users to use the iPhone’s Measure app.

Smart technology lets you train the length of just about anything.

Even potentially partners.

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“Make sure the person’s whole body is in the frame and you can measure their height exactly,” she said.

Obviously, this is not a very discreet option.

And it probably won’t make the best impression on a first date.

But it can deter cat fishers who lie about their size.

The app is available on devices as old as the iPhone SE or iPhone 6S, provided they are updated to iOS 12 or newer software.

Using iOS 14 or above software can enable iPhone to measure people’s height just by pointing the camera at them.

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But on older iPhones, you’ll need to tilt the white dot up to the object you want to measure and click the + icon.

The app should already be on your iPhone among the Clock, Calculator, and Compass apps.

All you need is the iPhone Measure app


All you need is the iPhone Measure appCredit: @keyboardshortcuts

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