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Now it is not unlawful to use a maintenance engine while driving under almost any circumstance. (Getty Images)

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Although using the phone has been banned from driving for many years, the UK government’s guidelines have only been restricted, which means you can now be charged only with handling the phone or other devices while driving.

From 2003, a mobile phone use scandal occurred while driving in Great Britain. But the only norm defined by the law was that it was a hand-tested device for ‘interactive communication’, which included phone calls, texting and spaced.

Since then, smart phones have come a long way, leaving many interactive communications on the internet, such as taking a photo, skipping a song or checking your Spotify account.

Therefore the norms were updated in 2022 to make the law much clearer.

How the law changed in the year 2022

On March 25, the UK government stated that you will now pay the law if you remove your phone, board or nav device for use when sitting behind the wheel.

The scope has been expanded well beyond today’s guidelines for simply phone holder to send a call or text to set things up as time for checking or unlocking the device.

Other banned activities include screen lighting, viewing notifications, catching a photo or video and watching the app.

Plus, the law still applies even if traffic lights are closed or stuck in a traffic jam.

However, there are a few exceptions that include the need to call 999 or 112 in any case, when you are safely stationed or if you make a contact payment when your vehicle is not moved, as with a parting company. though.

You can also continue to use devices that are hands free, such as a Bluetooth organized in a sitting nav or overhead, provided you don’t use the device at any stage and it does not affect your view of the road.

What are the punishments?

If you’re caught with a device in your hand, you can get your license for six points, and a hundred pounds fine.

However, if you only pass the test in two years, you will lose the license.

Best car phone holder to buy

With new regulations in place, we went on the hunt to find the best hands-on phone maker that many of us now use on our mobiles, such as us from A to B, for the use of a traditional sitting nav.

With over 47,000 reviews, it’s easy to see why auto mount is Amazon’s best-selling mobile phone cradle.

For starters, it is very likely compatible with your car and phone, your car just needs to have horizontal air vents to attach to it, but this is common in most vehicles.

It will also work whether your phone is Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia or the like, and you should simply attach a magnetic circle object to the back of your phone to operate the case.

The disc will then respond with a magnet inside the mount to keep hands free and secure phone calls.

The holder also allows you to rotate the phone cleverly, if you want a horizontal or vertical view.

Many customers call the device “fantastic”, with many shops that have bigger and heavier iPhone models saying “trusty” and “strong”.

Plus, proven devices are on sale today from £10.99 to only £7.59.

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