Best cell phone deals for July 2022

Find out this week’s best cell phone collection, beautifully curated just for you – whether you’re an Apple devotee or an Android loyalist. Below, you’ll find the top promotions, sales and deals from well-known carriers and retailers. And to help you out, we also have loads of expert recommendations and advice to share so you can land the perfect cell phone deal.

Our range is organized by carrier locked, unlocked, and prepared phones. There’s also a new “super cheap phone deals” section featuring our top picks for under $500 if you’re feeling the pressure and want to pay as little as possible.

Mobile phone deals: quick connection

Generally, you will find a cell phone that comes in two forms, the first as a completely unlocked device for sale, and the second as part of a bundled-in plan. This can be a bit tricky, involving new cell phone plans and even trading in old devices, but the savings can be quite substantial if they are available. We also include a third option – cell phone deals from the Cape Post. These smaller carriers don’t usually offer huge savings on the device, but they’re usually a much cheaper cell phone plan worth checking out.

What type of cell phone is a good deal for you? Well, that depends on personal needs. If you’re looking for the latest shipping plan and an unlimited plan to pair it with then you’ll be well served by Verizon or AT&T’s latest promotions. If you’re looking for maximum flexibility or long-term savings, then it’s generally better to consider either buying an unlocked device and then going with a premium carrier, or buying a pre-installed device from that carrier.

Note that all of the devices featured on our list have been personally reviewed by the staff here at TechRadar. Everything is fantastic in its own right and you won’t find any sub-par choices included. If you want to find the best one for you, we recommend checking out our updated guide to the best phones of 2022.

Today it is the best cell phone deals in sight

Carrier phone deals

  • Verizon (Opens in a new tab)has an entire section of its site dedicated to phone deals
  • AT&T (Opens in a new tab)also offers a huge range of phone deals
  • sprintcurrently offering phones and other great phone deals

If you don’t mind exchanging carriers, you can find many of the big four smartphones. Major carriers will often roll the cost of the phone into monthly payments anywhere from 18 to 30 months, sometimes longer. Deals often offer to cut the price of the phone in half, and sometimes they even offer the phone for free.

To do these things, you usually need to add a new line and sign up for a specific mobile plan. But, as long as you plan to get an unlimited data plan anyway, they can make it very affordable to pick up a brand new phone.

If you’d like to dive into specific carriers, we have some great content for you in the form of our Verizon deals and AT&T deals pages. There you will get a full list of things available, discounts on plans and even free phones.

He drives an unlocked cell phone

  • Lake (Opens in a new tab)offers upfront discounts on unlocked phone deals trade-ins
  • Samsung (Opens in a new tab) save up to $100 on select phone deals trade-ins
  • Amazon (Opens in a new tab)A huge selection of unlocked phone deals in a range of brands
  • Best Buy (Opens in a new tab)and the best place to find unlocked phone deals
  • OnePlus (Opens in a new tab) – price drops, trade-in discounts, and freebies with featured comments

Deals on unlocked smartphones aren’t always the most eye-catching, as they tend to offer only small cuts to the retail price. At some point in a new smartphone, usually late in one year, you’ll find a refresh cycle for that brand. We’ve seen this kind of price drop mostly for Samsung flagships, but they’re not frequent and they rarely offer discounts on the carrier front.

However, the savings you get from unlocked cell phones can be hidden. With an unlocked phone you’ll be able to move freely between carriers, so you can always choose the mobile plan that suits you. This can increase your savings over time, as you pay off your phone’s installment plan over 24 months on a non-fixed data plan.

He also sometimes deals directly with the phone manufacturer, as they can offer discounts on merchandise that store retailers usually don’t.

Cheap phone deals under $D

  • Samsung (Opens in a new tab) certified refurbished products and new phones under $200
  • Amazon (Opens in a new tab)The best retailer for price cuts on cheap phone deals
  • Best Buy (Opens in a new tab)It often offers activation discounts, and discounts on cheap devices
  • OnePlus (Opens in a new tab) – Honest prices and loyalty rewards Nord budget machines
  • Walmart (Opens in a new tab) – great prices on refurbished Apple iPhones

Anyone on a budget? No worries, no need to worry. Super-cheap phone deals on budget devices aren’t exactly the flashiest options out there compared to the latest Apple or Samsung flagships, but for many they are essential. Not everyone wants (or can afford) to spend over $500 on a cell phone. Fortunately, there are some great budget options out there, and there are plenty of price cuts on Amazon especially for utility.

Usually, these devices can release some of the latest brands and gadgets, but you’d be surprised how many decent cheap phones they have now. Exceptional battery life, expandable storage, and increasingly large screens are now common features even in devices under the $200 mark. Cheap camera phones have also come a long way in recent years.

He is driving a borrowed phone

  • Mint Mobile (Opens in a new tab) – one of our favorite premium carriers offers the best packages
  • visible (Opens in a new tab) – the great infinity design makes the phone even bigger if you turn it on
  • Boost Mobile (Opens in a new tab) – offers upfront savings on a range of phone deals

Pre-paid carriers don’t lock you into a contract, so they don’t have the same incentive to offer huge discounts and great deals. But still, there are some phone deals to be found, even if their sales don’t quite match what’s found in the big tolls.

These deals generally save you a little money upfront, while low-cost preparedness plans can save you even more money over time. If you want the freedom to switch carriers later, you’ll want to double check what major networks the smaller carriers are with and their policies around unlocking phones. If you find it a little restrictive, we recommend the unlocked phone apps discussed above.

If you’d like to see more phone deals, we recommend checking out our main page on this week’s best mobile phone deals. (Opens in a new tab) and Visible works wirelessly (Opens in a new tab).

Works on iPhone and Android

Looking for something specific? We have a whole host of dedicated phone deals that are on hand if you’ve got your eye on that new iPhone or Galaxy in particular.

best phone deals selling unlocked cell phones PROMOTED

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Phone a lot of tips

If you want to be sure you’re getting a great deal on your phone, you need to consider a lot of things.

Compare your favorite sellers

For one thing, you need to look around for different deals on the same phone. Carriers often offer deep discounts, but sometimes they can beat the odds on unlocked phones by keeping you stuck on an expensive mobile plan. So if you see what seems like a great deal from a carrier, double check that you can’t get a better deal elsewhere. And be prepared to do some math to consider the price of the phone plus the price of the plan you will be more or less locked into.

Shop at the time of year

Shopping around for big sales and events is also a good time to find a great phone deal. While major retailers cut prices on popular products, carriers can also take those opportunities to make discounts more attractive than usual. Carriers also launch some of these major discounts around the new phone. Even if the price of the phone does not change, there may be some freebies that add extra value.

Switch to the best phone deals

If you’re after deep discounts, however, you’ll likely need to change carriers or at least add new lines to your account. Major carriers strongly encourage this, and it’s one of the few ways you’ll get a new phone for more than 50 off. These deals can sometimes be easier if you’re shopping with another person, as buy-one-takes are also incredibly common and often involve one new serving line.

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