Best cell phone deals from October 2021

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Rewards phones like the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 all seem to garner attention. There is no doubt that the devices are fantastic, and are worth every penny. But unless you have great credit for buying a new phone, they are quite expensive. Not everyone wants to spend 1,000 or more on a smartphone, after all. But the gospel is certain to you not to have. So many brilliant cell phone calls are available now, and new ones will appear throughout the month of October. We’ll show you all the best smartphone to offer here in this roundup.

From smartphone unlocked to the best cell phone deals from Verizon and AT&T, we have them all covered. Whether you want the latest cut line smartphone or a cheap cell phone, we’ve got you covered.

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Best cell phone deals now

Best cell phone deals nowImage source: Apple Inc

If you want the latest and greatest smartphones, there are some solids available now. For example, Amazon offers $100 Amazon credit when you buy something new iPhone 13 an example. Hard-to-find examples like iPhone 13 Pro Max they are still in class today, which is surprising. They could sell out quickly, as the request is through the roof. Note: An additional $100 Amazon credit has been extended over 24 months. You will receive a new $4.17 credit each month.

Samsung Galaxy Premium smartphones are also available. Even now you will find some big problems on Samsung’s major end phones. Examples include $100 off unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and $200 off unlocked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold III.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone Pro … Price list:$1,199.99 Price:$1,030.00 Save:$169.99 (14%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone US Version Smartphone Tablet 2-i… Price list:$1,799.99 Price:$1,599.99 Save:$200.00 (11%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission

Of course, if you’re looking for big cell phone calls now available, you’re probably spending much less. Don’t worry, it now deals with some phenomenal features of the best smartphones you can find.

Best cheap cell phone deals

Best cheap cell phone dealsImage source: Motorola

Some of the best cheap cell phones available are available now, and now they offer discounts on models that are already affordable. That way you will save so much money on buying a flagship smartphone. For example, if you can’t already be affordable Moto G Power. This just gives you an awesome new 2021-edition smartphone with crazy 3-day battery life for under $200! Plus, it is unlocked so that you can use it with any carrier.

Moto G Power | 2021 | 3-day battery | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 48MP Camera… Price list:$199.99 Price:$179.99 Save:$20.00 (10%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission

Moto G Power probably offers the best value out there right now. If you’re looking for more health, there are two great options for you to check out.

Powerful but affordable

First we have Google Pixel 4a it is unlocked and free. Starts at just $34.99 and has over a thousand 5-star reviews. In fact, it is the only best-selling cell phone deal on the entire Amazon site right now. Or, if you want to make things a notch step, listen Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. This powerful smartphone sells for $500 with 128GB storage, but you can save some money if you are going.

cheapest cell phone ever

Finally, if you really want the cheapest cell phone you can get, we have only one thing. It has something cheaper than a flip phone like the Tracfone MyFlip. It’s just $9.99 at Amazon!

Tracfone Carrier Locked Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone- Black – 4GB – Sim Card Included â… Price:$9.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission

Best Apple iPhone deals

Best Apple iPhone cell phone dealsImage source: Zach Epstein for BGR

A lot of people out there shopping for cell phone want the best iPhone deals. The words “iPhone” and “Great” seem anonymous, but the way to get cheap iPhones is awesome. All you need to get refurbished model iPhone on Amazon! They are safe in operation and as new. In fact, you have forty full days to receive back, if you’re not happy.

Apple iPhone 8, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray – Unlocked Price:$189.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission
(Refurbished) Apple iPhone 7, 32GB, Black – Completely unlocked Price list:$139.00 Price:$130.12 Save:$8.88 (6%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission

Prices start at just $192 for similar new Apple iPhone 8″. Or, if you want to return to the next generation, you can get something new like iPhone 7 for just $130! These iPhone models are also unlocked so that you can use them as a carrier. Here are some impressive iPhone deals right now:

Apple iPhone 11, US Version, 64GB, Black – Unlocked Price list:$48.00 Price:$44.95 Save:$34.05 (7%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission
Apple iPhone X, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray – Completely Unlocked (Updated) Price:$329.86 Buy Now Available from Amazon, get a BGR commission

Best mobile phone deals from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Best cell phone deals on Verizon and AT&T*Image source: kite_rin/Adobe

People out there obviously prefer to acquire their smartphones from a wireless carrier. Furthermore, you can extend your payments over several years. The fee is added to your custom services bill, so there is no separate payment every month. You can also typically purchase an old phone for entertaining with great loyalty to your new smartphone. It’s far easier to sell an old phone on eBay or Craigslist, after all.

Even if you want to buy your phone from your courier, that doesn’t mean you need to pay the price. All the major US wireless carriers have a great cell phone drives going all the time!

With Verizon Plus, you can save up to the big new iPhone 13 series now. Verizon also will pay you up to $500 to exchange from another carrier. For example, you can get popular phones like the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and more for free.

See all latest cell phone deals at Verizon

If you’re at AT&T, you can get the iPhone 13 or even iPhone 13 Pro for free if you sign a long-term contract. There is also a deal that gives you the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Galaxy Buds 2 pack for free with merchandise.

See all the latest AT&T cell phone deals

T-Mobile runs a large amount of cell phone drives well, and you can see everything below.

See all the latest cell phone deals on T-Mobile

Best Buy’s top cell phone deals

There is no doubt that he is a great carrier. For phone carriers you will be allowed to operate your cell phone very well. But I want to think about shopping for these deals on Best Buy for your carrier’s store.

You’re perfectly surprised why, but the explanation is simple. In fact, there are a few different reasons. First off, Best Buy often offers great deals that you won’t get directly from your courier. That includes extra discounts or additional perks. Sometimes Best Buy offers free accessories with a purchase or even a free Buy Gift Card. On top of that, Best Buy offers a complete top down from every carrier with the greatest wireless handling. Run through them and switch to find a deal that will be worth your while. Plus, you will find unlocked smartphones and tons of cell phone accessories deals.

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Walmart has high discounts

Best cell phone deals at WalmartImage source: Glen Stubbe/MCT/Newscom/Mega Agency

Like Buy Walmart is a fantastic place to go if searching for big phone calls. And it is needless to say, that for the same reason it is great. Walmart has all the best smartphones that are available. It also provides traffic from all passengers to major wireless outsiders except T-Mobile. Walmart also offers plans for MVNOs on the Straight Talk system, which offers incredibly low prices. It supports all the best mobile phones and uses the best cellular service from every carrier, including T-Mobile.

Right now at Walmart there are so many great cell phone deals. You will also get high discounts on new accessories. Definitely check it out.

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