Buy iPhone 13 or iPhone 12? How to decide what is best for you

iPhone 12 is the best phone, but now buy iPhone 13 is here?

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Apple’s new and current iPhone is here. The iPhone 13, which I deposited in the company s September eventruns in iOS 15 a bunch of features camera upgrades, longer battery life, boxes storage and the new A15 Bionic processor. Now it’s on iPhone 13 available for purchaseit still makes sense to buy an iPhone 12?

The iPhone 13 iPhone 12 in line with standard annual glasses Mini, Pro and Pro Max translations. (here they are all differences between iPhone 13 modelsand here are CNET reviews iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

If you’re on the fence to take that path, this is understandable. But no stress. This guide offers poems if you are considering buying iPhone 12 or iPhone 13″ depending on your needs. You can look bigger iPhone 11 or * iPhone SE. You can trust in this way that you have made the right call.

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If you’re not already using an iPhone, you are trying to decide whether an immediate upgrade to the iPhone 12 makes sense.

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Use an old, outdated iPhone?

One of the best reasons to rent a new phone is if your current is incurably outdated. If you are upgrading from an older iPhone like iPhone 11and try to decide between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13″, the iPhone 13 is probably the better bet.

Apple’s 2021 iPhone comes with a collection of useful updates. iPhone 13’s battery life is supposed to last longer than two hours twice the storage space the base level and features better cameras than iphone 12. iphone 13’s A15 chip The year is even newer than with the iPhone 12i A14 Bionic Chips, which means it’s likely that it’s going to be the year iOS will recover if you go with the iPhone 13 .

But there are always exceptions. The iPhone 12 is a great phone that still has a lot of action and camera capabilities to offer. For owners of older iPhones like iPhone X* The series, going for the iPhone 12 gives you the advanced A14 bionic chip plus OLED screen. Just two enhancements represent a great upgrade over phones from a few years ago.

That said, if the phone is still turned on and working, it does all the things that you need to do now get the iPhone 13″. Phones can run as far back as the 2015 iPhone 6S and are compatible with iOS 14 and iOS 15, so there is no reason to jump unless your phone is actually broken. (Although, Apple only updates its mobile software with limited amount of time, so you’ll have to wait too long. locked out of latest OS.

The need for 5G speed

5G wireless is available everywhere and its capabilities a little overhyped. What he said iPhone 12 was the first iPhone compatible with 5G. So if you’re eager to connect to a 5G cellular network and have one access, then the iPhone 12 will instantly scab it over. Of course, the iPhone 13 also connects with 5G to satisfy both your desire for 5G cravings.

Living with an iPhone screen is never fun.

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Coarse screen, running out of battery and other reasons to get a new iPhone now

Living with a device that is damaged or functions poorly is rough. For example, it’s hard to ignore a broken screen when you see a failure every day. The same is true of a deficient fight, which cannot hold as much crime as it once could. If your iPhone suffers from these types of irritation issues, an immediate upgrade can be justified. But when all upgrades are announced iPhone 13you’d like buy 2021 iPhone rather.

The iPhone 12’s ceramic shield is well supported in our testing.

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have ceramic shield display

One of the major features of the iPhone 12 is its display materials. Apple calls it glass “ceramic shield”. Made from Corning, the shielded glass ceramic phone envelope display is harder than most metals. In fact, we can confirm the hardness of the iPhone 12 ceramic shield. with We’ll put the iPhone 12 to the testpure chocolate pierces through the birds’ colors. The iPhone 13 has the same glass ceramic display. So if you’re a huge klutz, head to the slider and the drops, or one of them is born iPhone 12 or iPhone 13″ it is wise to move.

New features for iPhone 13

iPhone 13 with a few new features like the iPhone 12 lacks. New iPhone first boasts 120Hz display and an option to 1TB of storage to his Pro- mur. Now the iPhone 12 has a 60Hz screen repair rate. A faster refresh rate will translate to smoother, snappier scrolling through apps and web pages.

Apple iPhone 13 gives increased camera system. The four iPhone 13 models have a better 12-megapixel main camera and better ultra lens and sensor. The new tool combined with the A15 Bionic chip phone represents a few improvements and new features, which can capture more than 47% more light. iPhone 13 also features a new cinematic mode make your videos appear more in this movie, and they will achieve Pro and Pro Max models ability to catch ProRes videos later this year.

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Here’s the easiest way to set up your iPhone 13


Price can be the deciding factor

As they say, money speaks. The standard base model iPhone 13 costs $799 for 128GB of storage, which is $100 more than the starting price of the standard base model iPhone 12 with 64GB storage. But, if the current price of the 128GB storage option for both phone, there is only a $50 difference between the iPhone 13 and $749 iPhone 12 and the new lines on the iPhone 13 seems to justify the increased price.

Here are the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 prices provided:

iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 HTC prices





iPhone 12





iPhone 13





Plus, many carriers have substantial discounts on the iPhone 13, which means that if you have phone traffic, it will pay a lot less than the countable price. But, if you don’t qualify for any email service on the iPhone 13, choosing the iPhone 12 could still be a great way to save a little money.

For more, here how iPhone 12 compared to iPhone 11″everything differ between iPhone 12 models (for examples not sold on Apple’s website) whether* you buy an iPhone 11 or * iPhone SE and everything in iOS 15″. You can also see all that has been announced Apple September event including Apple Watch 7, iPad Mini 6 and updated entry-level iPad.

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