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Apple said it has been working on a software fix after some users who recently bought the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max shook their devices against the cameras “unreasonably” and made strange noises while using social media.

In videos and posts posted to social media sites, some users explained that the issue only occurred when using the camera with third-party platforms, including Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. One YouTube user posted a video of a phone shock using TikTok. Other users posted on Reddit about similar questions. “I’ve been experiencing my camera shaking every time I open Snapchat or use the camera for Instagram,” wrote one. “However, I don’t run into any issues when I use the regular camera app.”

In a statement to Rhode Island on Tuesday, Apple ( AAPL ) said today it is working on resolving issues. “We are aware of the issue and a fix will be released after a week,” a company spokesperson said.

An early hiccup for Apple after each of the new iPhones was revealed earlier this month. The Pro Pro models, which have the first 48 MP camera and some new advanced features, are expected to be in the first high demand this year, which makes it easier for Apple to provide these models. starting at $199.

In a a series of recent tweetsLake analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said The demand for iPhone 14 Pro models has reportedly led Apple to change its standard iPhone 14 production lines to produce more high-end devices. At the same time, iPhone 14 Pro models seem to have longer wait times than the rest of the iPhone 14 line.

Apple fix not the first software update since the company released its latest mobile software, iOS 16, last Monday. Apple has just released iOS 16.0.1. address issues with the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices, and fix a bug within the zoom feature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy Z fold Show how software is Evolving Fri, 16 Sep 2022 16:01:36 +0000

Lake and Samsung both delay triggers, but in very different ways. With its Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is changing how the iPhone programmer displays information from apps and services. LG, on the other hand, matches the physical shape of its phones through its foldable Galaxy Z fold and Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone.

Lake launched on iPhone 14 Pro * on Sept. 16 after he revealed it in his “About” episode, and one of the notable features of the notch was a redesigned area called Dynamic. There’s a hair-shaped cutout for the front camera and face ID sensors that Apple has also replaced with a small secondary display for minimal display of notifications and other content.

At first glance, Apple’s Dynamic Island and Samsung’s foldable phones have little in common, if anything. But the intention behind both is the same: to improve the way our phones communicate.

For the iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island has been developed

The Dynamic Island essentially Apple’s answer to faster multitasking on the iPhone. While Android phone-makers like Samsung support the ability to open multiple apps at once on the screen, Apple instead uses Dynamic Island to expand and contract to display contextual information. It can be expanded to show alerts and changes shape depending on the app.

For example, Dynamic Island can show the song you’re listening to even when you’re on the home screen. If the timer is running at the same time, it will display both the timer and the music information at the same time by splitting it into its own button. Similarly, you can see how to turn directions in Dynamic Island without having to jump from one app to another. The same is true of high school sports. Tapping Dynamic Island will take you right to that app, making multitasking on the iPhone 14 Pro a bit easier.

Apple says the goal behind Dynamic Island is to clearly display information without distracting you from the app. our full review for iPhone 14 in more detail what it’s like to use Dynamic Island.

How Samsung’s foldables and Dynamic Island are similar

Nokia foldable phones and iPhone 14 Pro are different from each other. But we’re both trying to change the way we interact with apps on our phones.

Samsung is promoting Z Flip 4’s Flex Mode, for example, which splits compatible apps between the top and bottom of the screen folded in the middle. When opening the camera in flex mode, the top half of the screen serves as the camera viewer, while the bottom half displays controls like the shutter button itself. You can also take photos and send canned responses in certain messaging apps on the Z Flip 4 without unlocking the phone using its screen.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 Samsung’s foldable, book-shaped design is designed to provide more screen real estate in a device that still fits in your pocket. You can also open multiple apps at the same time on the Z’s largest 4-fold tablet.

Samsung held the Galaxy Z Fold IV and Z Flip IV side by side

Samsung Galaxy Z 4 and Z Flip 4 fold.

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

The common thread between the iPhone 14 Pro’ Dynamic Island, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold is that they all change apps presented on our televisions – with the ultimate goal of being more useful apps. Samsung’s Dynamic and foldable screen are designed to make our phones more adaptable to any situation. Apple’s new notch pins the notch information from certain apps to the top of your screen and morphs based on what you’re capable of. Samsung foldable phones allow you to change the size and position of your phone – and the apps running on it – to fit different scenarios.

It’s too soon to know whether either approach will significantly impact the way we use cell phones in the long term. Apple just launched the new iPhone 14 line, so it’s unclear how useful Dynamic Island will be in everyday life for months or even years. Foldables have been around for about three years, but they still make up a small portion of overall smartphone sales.

Clearly, Apple and LG are both trying to improve the way we absorb and manage the vast amounts of information flowing through our phones every day. Now that phones have matured to the point where they feel more incremental, it’s refreshing to see changes that really feel different.

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