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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Remember all the 3G service frenzy on your mobile phone? Starting on 2/22/22, 3G will start to become extinct when carriers begin rebuilding service.

It was horrible, but 3G first introduced your web to your phone, beyond standard phone calls and emails.

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AT&T is leading the change.

“The search is resource limited. Radio support is limited,” said Roger Cheng with CNET. “We need to repay them to confirm the existence of 4G and 5G services.”

It’s not just about your phone. Ankle monitors, businesses, schools, alarm systems, and companies like LifeLine all have 3G services that offer low-level monitoring services. The plan was to upgrade all those services to 4G and then hit the pandemic.

“All our companies were well on their way to work in March of 2020, we’re basically closed,” said John Brady, COO of Connect America and Lifeline. “We couldn’t go into business and homes, and we came to the old 3G system and found the new 4G. We lost 15 to 18 months because of the pandemic.”

Not only domestic systems – but also public transit.

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NOW systems that are waiting for the next bus in Muni bus booths around San Francisco will also be affected by the changes.

“We tried to keep up with the complete substitution of all of our instruments on our booths, but since 2021 and 2022 – the materials were not available at the time to restore our reliable services. We could have real predictions in places where we have the most drivers,” said Jeffrey Tumlin discuss SFMTA at a recent board meeting.

Muni installs 4G kits that allow supply chain issues and adds QR codes to the homes so that drivers can get accurate information about bus arrivals.

The best advice? If you have an iPhone5 or older, or use any of these services – call your vendor tonight.

“Once it’s a job – it’s going to be harder to get in touch with customers,” said Cheng. “If the phone is dead, there’s no way of connecting. Physically, you’re going to need to go to the grocery store and pull out this mess.”

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AT&T is the first, but other mobile vehicles have the same plans toward the end of 3G services this year, with Sprint looking to end March and Verizon and T-Mobile in July.

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