Check your iPhone model number now – you could be in serious danger

If you have owned the same iPhone for a long time, you may be putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

This is because it might now be so outdated that you could easily be hacked.


If you can’t update to iOS 16 later this year, you might want to consider upgrading your iPhoneCredit: Apple

Every year, Apple releases a brand new iOS, which is the software your iPhone runs on.

These iOS updates add new features, but they also include vital security updates that close loopholes exploited by hackers.

Apple just announced iOS 16 at its WWDC 2022 event, and we expect it to go live in September alongside the iPhone 14.

But several iPhone models capable of running iOS 15 will not be able to upgrade to iOS 16.

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This means they will start missing security updates later this year.

Apple cannot support all iPhones indefinitely, which is why very old iPhone models often lose access to updates.

Sometimes those older iPhones don’t have the power to support new features, or not enough people are using them to warrant an update.

Now iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and 1st generation iPhone SE will be cut by Apple.

These handsets were compatible with the current iOS 15.5, but won’t get iOS 16.

Here is the complete list of devices compatible with iOS 16:

If you’re using an older iPhone, you’ll just need to upgrade your handset to a newer device to access iOS 16.

Not being able to get the latest iOS means you’ll lose access to the latest security patches.

These are vital patches that close the holes used by hackers to gain access to your systems.

So, using a very old iPhone that cannot be updated can put you at risk.

If you can’t update to iOS 16, consider upgrading your iPhone as soon as possible.

In any case, iOS 16 is full of new features that might tempt you.

This includes a new lock screen with widgets, stylized Portrait wallpapers, and notifications that display from the bottom.

Messages is also getting a major update that lets you edit or recall recently sent messages, as well as recover recently deleted messages.

You can also mark conversations as unread.

iOS 16 is available to developers in beta now, followed by a public beta next month.

And the software will finally roll out later this year, likely in September.

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