Chinese phone brands are carrying the biggest mobile torch to watch Europe

Next week sees the Mobile World Congress return to Barcelona, ​​two years after the COVID-19 pandemic cancellation of the world’s most important phone commercial show, and one year after the show was attended by many of the biggest producers. Not all returns to this year’s event in person (including Sony, Lenovo and some media outlets). Verge don’t pay attention) but it almost feels like the show returns to full strength.

But the result is also going to show exactly how much the smartphone industry has influenced in recent years. As it stands, all of the display’s largest hardware announcements seem likely to come from Chinese brands like Oppo, Honor, TCL, Xiaomi-sub-brand Poco, and Huawei, rather than brands from Europe, America, or even other countries in Asia, such as South Korea. .

Honor, for example, is planning to announce the Magical 4 series at the show, launch its first flagship Western phone since it splits with former parent company Huawei. Although the company released the Honor 50 globally last year, the Magic 4 is rumored to use Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, a direct (and likely affordable) competitor to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 or OnePlus 10

Meanwhile, Oppo said it would announce “several high-end flagship products” to announce the success and achievements of 5G “R&D” at this year’s MWC. The company currently kicks off its recently announced flagship smartphone, the Find X5 Pro, on Thursday, but still plans to use it to make a major announcement this year.

Or what about TCL, which says it plans to open up more of its smartphones after the first two openings in the 30 series, XXX XE, VG and XXX V5G, at CES earlier this year. Renault Poco, the sub-brand Xiaomi plans to announce the Poco X4 Pro 5G and Poco M4 Pro event on February 28th. Oppo promises to announce spinoff Realm”Fastest smartphone in technology foolishAt this year’s show, it needed to be faster than the 125W UltraDart technology observed during the tracks announced two years ago.

On the other hand, the majority of telephone devices outside of China rarely pay much attention to the MWC’s utilization of the devices of larger audiences. Google never introduced a smartphone to MWC, and Apple takes the show as seriously as any other major art show, which is to say “not very much.” But even Samsung, which used MWC to announce its flagship Galaxy S trash as recently as 2018, seems to be launching its MWC this year into a low-lying laptop. Only HMD, Finland’s capital-based company that now produces Nokia-branded brands, has made its major products announcements at the untimely Barcelona commercial show.

MWC’s focus on increasing Chinese companies doesn’t mean to lose momentum, because these phones are more popular with customers all over the world than ever. As of last year, IDC reports that three out of the top five most popular smartphone brands around the world — Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo — rank in China, number one and two spots Samsung and Apple. The situation is particularly similar in Europe, where Counterpoint Search reports seven out of the top ten most popular smartphone smartphone brands in China to go.

Instead, I think there is an interesting display trend that has more to gain from the timing of the big announcements that coincide with a crowded commercial show. There are companies like Samsung and Apple that have a global physical presence, which allows big launches to engage in trading apart from the major games. But for a company like Honor or TCL, a show like MWC is an incalculable way to get a lot of news in one place to display your wares.

The news about MWC 2022 will almost certainly dominate the Chinese technological innovations, which, best of all, have brought to life the buzz around the largest mobile show in Europe. But the more you look, the more you start to see the logistics as good.

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