Clerks scanning your driver’s license

SPRINGFIELD, Mo (KY3) – If you’ve just visited a store to buy alcohol or tobacco, a clerk is a good chance to climb your driver’s license. One of our viewers wants to know “Do companies keep my personal information from the state of Missouri in the file?”

Republic arrived last April. It’s called Show-Me Id. The app verifies the authenticity of the IDs by simply viewing the driver’s license with a mobile phone camera. The app is for restaurants, retailers, or bars that sell alcohol or tobacco. This status says that the app does not store info on IDs it scans.

“There’s a kind of fake-fashioned flaws out there, you remember, the people who sell what they’re selling or buy alcohol or tobacco products in such a fairly regular market. You do, you know, at the behest of the government. The state then tells them, “Hey, guys, you need to use some point-selling program If you want to sell tobacco or alcohol, most people will do what they want to maintain a liquor license,” explained Grant Rahmeyer of Rah Law.

In the meantime, Kum & Go is teaching us a advanced verification program called Retail Access Control Standards or RACS. This system requires clerks to scan IDs for any alcohol or tobacco product sales. Kum & Go also says-customer data is not available and data is not stored on our system.

Kum & Go spokesman Emily Hecker added this feature, “Kum & Go introduced a new service this year for promotions and discounts for tobacco and alcohol through our mobile & Rewards app. Customers can learn their age on the app and then have access to their favorite age-proven personal products for their products. In this case, we store that era of authenticity to facilitate future access to coupons and discounts.”

The state of Missouri emphasized, “By preventing police officers from buying alcohol, we can save the potential lives of not only our youth, but also other Missouri Highway users.”

Viewer’s Question “Does my private companies keep information from the state of Missouri in the file?”

Based on what we have just talked about and what information we know about your purchases and your driver’s license is not stored in the state’s accounts or services for Kum & Go. The answer is therefore: NO.

If we learn to change, we will know.

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