Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., its subsidiaries and partners, are dedicated to providing security management software for users of the Linux, Unix and Microsoft operating systems, through a low cost, subscription based licensing model coupled with commercial-quality support.



Tired of the old model, where heavy operating costs involved in maintaining large marketing and sales operations has to be passed onto the customer, Applecross Technologies has set itself up to work directly with its users through the medium of the Internet.

Our customers are moving away from proprietary versions of UNIX to the Linux operating system, where open source software and low cost hardware have made for significant reductions in the cost of computing infrastructure in recent years. In many cases however, the quality of open source software, and the support provided for it, is not up to commercial standards. Applecross Technologies fills that gap with commercial quality support for commercial quality software, available world-wide from three regional help desks, at a cost equal to that often charged for support for open source software.

We are committed to providing the advanced, high quality software and support that makes us an easy choice for an end user to make. Our core values include:

  • the highest level of personal and corporate integrity,
  • a commitment to provide software of the highest possible quality,
  • to be ecologically sound through the use of electronic means to communicate with our customers wherever possible,
  • listening to our customers to fuel constant improvement.



Headquartered in a suburb of Perth in Western Australia, and with help desks located in Perth, in Seattle, USA and in Wokingham, England, the company is founded by alumni of more established international companies operating in the systems management and security management sectors of the software industry.

Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd. is a closely held private company owned and controlled by its employees.

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P.O. Box 38
Western Australia 695

Telephone: +61 8 9523 0932

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