PUM Audit Export Client

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Audit Export Client diagramOrganizations using Privileged User Manager ® (“PUM”) may wish to view the encrypted audit trails located on the PUM Audit Servers in clear text for purposes of reporting.  The PUM audit trails are held in a proprietary, encrypted format (using AES encryption) and are only accessible via PUMAdmin, via PUMService, and by using the PUM Audit Export Client.   In each case, access is available only to Users who belong to a Role with the appropriate Capabilities.  (The PUM Audit Archive Client can also be used to access the audit trails, but in this case the audit data remains encrypted.)    

In addition to using the PUMAdmin web browser based user interface to query the audit trails, the end user organization may use the PUM Audit Export Client to extract a clear text copy of the audit trails into an external relational database.  The PUM Audit Export Client is invoked at the command line by authorized PUM Users with the requisite access permissions to both the PUM Database and the target database to which the audit trails will be exported.  Any of the four audit trails generated by PUM may be exported, but only by PUM Users belonging to a Role with the appropriate Capability to access that audit trail.

The PUM Audit Export Client may be used with any of the following audit trails:

  • Access Server Logs
  • Audit Server Logs
  • Database Logs
  • Session Logs

 Once the audit trails have been exported to the relational database they can be manipulated without affecting the encrypted form of the audit trails which remain on the Audit Server(s).