Software Downloads

You have four ways of reviewing the Privileged User Manager ® (PUM) software available to you: 

a) Request a run through of the software from one of our technicians.  This may be carried out on-site at your premises, or more typically using Webex (what is Webex? ) technology to share a desktop over the Internet.  The run through typically takes 40-60 minutes dependent on the number of questions you ask,  and involves an overview of the architecture and the live software only.  There is no company sell and no salesperson on the call.  It is the quickest way of determining if PUM does what you need it to do.  Just email to request a run through.

b) You can Test Drive the software running on one of our servers.  This is the easiest way of evaluating PUM's full capabilities.

c) You can download an evaluation copy of PUM in the form of a Virtual Machine complete with operating system, web application server, database, Java and the PUM software.  This is recommended as a final step in evaluating PUM for licensing.

d) You can download the separate PUM components and build your own environment.   Normally you will already be signed-up as a PUM user if you choose to do this.

Choose which of the three latter options you would like to pursue using the links below:

Test Drive Software

This option to Test Drive PUM will open up a session on a server located at one of our regional datacenters. You will be provided with access to our software via a virtual appliance under the control of VMware (What is VMware?) or Citrix Xen (What is Citrix Xen?) and be able to run the live PUM software. In order to do this you need to agree with the terms and conditions of our Test Drive Agreement.

Evaluation Virtual Machine

The evaluation software package(s) are fully configured VMware instances (What is VMware?) or Citrix Xen instances (What is Citrix Xen?) that contain the following software components for the operating system version listed - PUM, Operating System, web application server, database, and Java. As such, the package provides a comprehensive, fully integrated PUM environment. For a more comprehensive understanding of what the package contains and how to use it please read the Manual - PUM Evaluation VM installation guide.

The evaluation software package(s) contain known and potentially unknown errors (bugs), and should not be used in any form of production environment where failure of the software may cause harm.  You will not be able to evaluate the software without an evaluation software license key that will be sent to you by email.

Software Distributions

The software distributions downloadable from this page are provided at the most granular level.  You may download the Web Application Bundle, Server Application Bundle, and optionally the PUMService and PUMX components.  You will be expected to provide your own Operating System, Web Application Server, database and Java.  You will not be able to evaluate the software without an evaluation software license key that will be sent to you by email.

Please help us to ensure that your experience with our software is a good one by reading the Release Notes for the software BEFORE commencing installation.