Inline/Online Help

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Inline help screenPUM offers both the PUM Administrator and the PUM User a number of different ways of obtaining help while using the software. 

If the PUMAdmin or PUMClient web UIs are being used then inline help is available for every page, and indeed, for every field on every page.  The inline help appears as blue text.  In the screenshot to the left, which shows part of a Session definition screen, you can see the page help at the top and the field level help underneath each field in turn.  The inline help is linked to context-sensitive online help so that clicking on the inline help for Duration Period will bring up the context-sensitive screen shown below.

There are also a number of other help facilities provided within PUM:

  • Context sensitive helpPUM Users may execute the 'pumhelp' command followed by the object they are seeking help for, and PUM will return the information defined for that object e.g. entering 'pumhelp session' will return information about the Session they are currently invoking;
  • The Help menu option in PUMAdmin and PUMClient links through to a web based repository of online documentation including online manuals, error listings, a glossary of terms and other useful information;
  • The same web based repository includes video tutorials on most aspects of administering and using PUM.

All in all you should never be without online access to some form of answer to your question.