Licensing policy

Privileged User Manager ® (PUM) is licensed by annual subscription (what is a subscription license?).   

The cost of licensing PUM varies according to the number of systems in the PUM domain.  The number of systems in the PUM domain can be determined by aggregating:

  • the number of PUM Access Servers you wish to use (at least two for purposes of redundancy);
  • the number of PUM Audit Servers you wish to use (at least two for purposes of redundancy);
  • the number of Managed Servers on which the privileged accounts you wish to manage reside.  Please note that each system, whether physical or virtual, must be counted in this number.  PUM uses the hostnames to license the software, so every unique hostname must be counted.

The number does not include the web application servers on which the PUM web applications reside, nor the database server on which you host the PUM database.

Licensing model

PUM is licensed by annual subscription.  You choose the level at which you wish to license PUM, and provided that you do not exceed the total number of licensed servers during the initial annual period then you will pay the same amount again on the anniversary of the initial execution date plus a small increment linked to the rate of inflation.  Even if the published license fee has increased since you initially contracted for the software, you will pay no more than the initial cost, incremented in line with inflation when you renew.

The subscription model provides both a one year software license and associated support and maintenance for an annual fee.

Disaster recovery, development and test licenses

Licenses for disaster recovery, development or test servers are priced at the same level as production servers. 

Maintenance and support

Annual maintenance and support is provided as part of the annual subscription license at no extra charge and provides for 24*7 support.  Please note that support calls outside of normal office hours must be of a Critical nature only. 

Payment of the subscription license provides you with:

  • unlimited access to telephone support during normal office hours;
  • web site initiated support for Critical calls on a 7*24 basis;
  • access to the support portal on this web site;
  • all upgrades and updates, whether major or minor.

If you wish to obtain a quotation for PUM then please visit the Price Calculator page on this web site.