BancTec provides PUM to managed service clients 

banctec logoBancTec, a global leader in payment, document and content management solutions and outsourcing services, has helped thousands of clients reduce their paper burden by automating and streamlining high-volume, document and data-intensive business processes.  The company's clients include many of the world's largest organisations.

BancTec's impressive track record is a direct result of one critical factor: rather than simply sell products or services, it takes the time to understand how customers really work. Each industry demands different skill sets, and one product can never plug and play in all scenarios. BancTec, using an extensive technology portfolio, works closely with clients to customize solutions that meet their particular need or business requirement.

Throughout the years, BancTec has grown by diversifying its product line, and by acquiring leading edge high-tech companies. Using its broad range of solutions, BancTec has established centers of excellence in locations around the world where the latest processing platforms automate a number of key back office activities for clients. This enables BancTec to provide outsourced solutions for its customers' critical IT operations and other business processes.

Securely managing these systems, especially for its financial services based clients, raises issues with regard to legislative compliance, security and industry best practices.  Steve Sweeney, Software Manager at BancTec explains, "Financial institutions in particular are finding themselves under increasing controls from legislation, governing authorities and the need to protect themselves against ever more sophisticated attempts to breach their security.  As a trusted partner we need to make sure that we provide them with services that are accountable, secured and audited."

Sweeney adds, "One issue that has always caused concern is the amount of trust that is implicit in granting necessary access to the root or super user account on the UNIX and Linux based systems which are used to host many of the applications we manage for our clients.   We were looking for a tool that would help us improve the controls on the use of these support and privileged accounts."

In order to provide this critical level of security and engineer control and accountability, BancTec chose Privileged User Manager ®, better known as PUM.  The PUM software is authored by Australian software house, Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd. and was supplied to BancTec by Open Systems Management (OSM), Applecross Technologies' strategic partner.  Steve explains, "We took a look at what was available on the market and were looking for a product that would have maximum effect with the minimum negative implications for our clients (and engineers).  PUM was significantly more attractive than its competitors when measured against those goals."

"The PUM software is effectively agentless, which means that we do not need to impact the configuration of the servers we manage on behalf of our clients.  This factor, combined with the low, subscription based licensing costs, and the responsiveness of the technical support team, made it a no-brainer as far as a decision was concerned."

Neil Chaney, Managing Director of Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., the author of Privileged User Manager ® said, "BancTec are a major player in the global services arena, particularly in the financial services market.  The fact that such a technically aware organization has chosen to offer PUM as its privileged account management solution endorses our belief that PUM is the technology leader in this market space."