Ireland's EBS Building Society invests in PUM

ebs logoFounded in 1935, Ireland's EBS Building Society is a mutual society, established and run on behalf of its nearly 450,000 members. As a mutual, it does not have to focus on the short term requirements of shareholders - therefore it is in a stronger position to really focus on their members' needs. Members of EBS are encouraged to participate and contribute through the Society's customer engagement programme and the organization's CSR community involvement initiatives, the latter designed to have a positive impact on the wider community. EBS's focus is on its core business of providing mortgages and savings to members, but has broadened its range in the past number of years to include investments, pensions and credit cards.

To support those members, the IT team at EBS run a large number of UNIX and Linux based computer systems.  Securely managing this number of systems can cause issues for any financial institution, as Paul Nicholls, Senior IT Manager, IT Architecture, at the society explained, "All financial institutions are under the microscope nowadays.  There is a need to be compliant with all prevailing legislation, best practice and the directions of our governing bodies.  One of the cornerstones to meeting those strictures in our organisation is that we need to know who is doing what on all our critical systems. "

EBS chose Privileged User Manager ®, better known as PUM, to assist them in that goal.  The PUM software is authored by Australian software house, Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd. and was supplied to EBS by Open Systems Management Ltd. (OSM), the European reseller for the product.  Paul explained, "We run a pretty tight operation here, but we were aware that our tracking of super user access on our UNIX based infrastructure was less comprehensive than we would have wished."  Paul went on to say, "UNIX is a powerful operating system but was originally architected as a developer's environment.  The power that it vests in the super user or ‘root' account combined with the lack of indelible auditing is incompatible with the requirements of a financial institution.  This is where PUM comes into play."

The Society will use PUM to manage and audit the use of the super user account by all IT UNIX administrators.  Paul explained, "We trust our IT administration and operations staff, but need to be able to prove their activity through the indelible auditing that PUM provides if we are to be fully compliant with the requirements imposed on us as a financial organisation."

"The PUM software is simple to install as it is agentless, provides full redundancy and allows us to generate indelible audit trails without affecting the productivity of our super users.  We managed to get it up and running within two days.  The pricing and proactive support was also a factor in our selection."

Neil Chaney, Managing Director of Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., the author of Privileged User Manager ® said, "EBS Building Society have been operating for 75 years in financial services in Ireland and we are ecstatic that they have chosen to endorse PUM in this way.  There are a number of other organisations in Ireland who will look to the Society's use of the product as an emphatic testimony to the product's capabilities."