UK's Open University puts PUM to work

open university logoThe UK's Open University has around 150,000 undergraduate students, more than 30,000 postgraduate students and more than 11,000 staff who depend on its IT infrastructure. Students are part-time and can study from wherever they choose by supported open learning. The 7,000+ staff members who provide direct tutorial support are also remote workers.

To support its staff and students, the IT team at the University run a sophisticated computing infrastructure that includes some 280 UNIX and Linux based systems.  This caused the University a number of problems when it came to access security as Chris Wigglesworth, Systems Manager explained, "With so many systems, managing access in a secure, but flexible manner had become difficult and time consuming. The procedures in place to ensure an audit trail were causing delays and frustrating users".

In their search for a tool to help them out, the University came across Privileged User Manager ®, better known as PUM, via Open Systems Management Ltd. (OSM), the UK reseller for the product.  Chris explained, "We have used OSM's print spooler, COSprint, for a number of years, so knew the company, but we were sceptical about the capabilities of PUM until we saw it demonstrated."  Chris went on to say, "The PUM software is very elegantly designed and uses very simple building blocks that will help us put together the access policy for our privileged users.  That, combined with the very cost effective licensing mechanism employed, persuaded us to evaluate the product.  The evaluation just confirmed the positives and we now look forward to rolling it out to our complete UNIX and Linux estate."

Neil Chaney, Managing Director of Applecross Technologies Pty Ltd., the author of Privileged User Manager ® said, "The Open University has a wonderful reputation in the UK, and progressively that reputation is gaining ground overseas.  We are extremely pleased that they have chosen PUM and look forward to helping them roll out the product and take advantage of its industry-leading functionality."