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PUMAdmin ERDPUMAdmin is the web browser based User Interface used by PUM Administrators to define and manage centralized Access Policy in a PUM environment.  A PUM Administrator is a PUM User with administration rights accorded by their belonging to PUM Roles with administration Capabilities attached to them.  One of those Capabilities is the right to access the PUMAdmin web UI.

Other Capabilities within PUM determine which PUM objects members of that Role may manage, and also the level of management (whether they can add, delete, update or just view an object).  This is reflected in their view of PUMAdmin, with those objects for which they do not have administration rights being grayed out.

The PUMAdmin web UI provides all the functionality expected of a modern product, including:

  • Structured menus;
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams that display the inter-relationships between the PUM objects;
  • Inline help linked to context sensitive expanded help for every screen and for every field on every screen;
  • Graphical Calendars;
  • Support for all modern web browsers;
  • Support for the Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss and WebSphere web application servers.