Crazy 360-degree foldable phone report from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is reportedly working on its next phone foldable phone in the Fold transistor series, known to be called “Mix Fold 2”, and this thing is turning around quite literally. A piece of code from the Xiaomi MIUI Android skin is collected and recorded by XiaomiUI and records the “ReverseFoldedDevice” in one of the strings. The team believes it marks one of two folded positions for the future Mix Folk 2 smartphone, so does it?

Based on the code snippet, along with the speculation on the subject, it will be the first to fold up to 360 degrees and then fold back up to its original form. In essence, however, he will use it both inward and outward. Xiaomi’s first Fold Fold Glands has followed the same design as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 interior.

Huawei has previously experimented with the exterior design of the Mate X and Mate Xs valves, which eliminates the need for a second shut display, proving the design to be operable. In 2019, Xiaomi co-founder and chairman Lin Bin appeared at the cinema playing with a double folded design with a folded exterior design. This phone never made it to the shelves.

The main advantage of 360 degrees of folded designs is that, in its complicated state, the half screen provides almost edge to edge view without any gross bezels and camera. For example, the Galaxy Z 3 fold is already a thin screen with a display, but the bezels all around it steals even more from it to screen the estate, and so much so that cramped keyboard shortcuts can create a dance pattern.

Is this Xiaomi’s design?

Is all this information for Xiaomi’s future folding phone plans? There is now a rumor of so much waiting to be checked, but the whole thing is also a great error. Well-known device tipsster Ice Universal shared on the Chinese social network Weibo that for Xiaomi, almost every 2022 phone series will be mixed, indicating that one or more devices could arrive in the near future.

But according to the transfer panels from the Digital Chat Station, also from Weibo, the Mix Fold 2 design won’t hold the “big surprise” feature for both the 6.5-inch display cover and the 8-inch folded OLED panel with a new interior. 120Hz refresh rate.

What else is said about Mi Mix 2? The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 device wants equal power, and stylistic maintenance rumors are also part of the package, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Xiaomi said it has also significantly reduced slit visibility, aced with its Oppo Find N foldable phone parameters.

The phone will reportedly be launched in June and can be combined with another phone with a double shell device. None of these have now been confirmed, but I expect more rumors to be published between now and now and a potential June announcement.

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