Crime blotter: Gang deprives Apple Store in England of display iPhones

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In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, there are multiple Find My iPhone AirPods recoveries, 44 iPhones taken from a New Jersey mall, and iCloud catches a man upskirting.

The last of a chance AppleInsider series, examining the world of Apple-related crime:

Apple Store in UK raided by thieves

A group of men, described as a “gang of thieves”, stolen several iPhones ripping them off shelves at the Apple Store in Bristol. According Bristol Postthe robberies took place in late April, and one of the men “threatened to injure” a security guard in the course of the crime.

Bristol Police are looking for the suspects, who were caught on store surveillance video.

City’s former CFO accused of ordering iPhones through city’s account

The former budget and finance director of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has been charged with the use of city funds to purchase iPhones and other items for personal use. Lehigh Valley Live reports that the 44-year-old former civil servant has been charged with five counts, including theft and receiving stolen property.

The man was arrested after irregularities were found in a city PayPal account, to which he had access. A subsequent investigation found emails showing the man purchased more than 30 iPhones through the city’s Verizon account, some of which he sold.

The man, who was fired from his job once the allegations were first made, admitted his guilt and offered to make restitution, his lawyer told the outlet.

London man found with huge cache of stolen Apple products

Police arrested a London man who had over 100 stolen items home, including “48 mobile phones, 33 laptops and tablets, [and] 6 sets of Apple Airpods“, as well as watches, bank cards and other items, My London revealed. The items had a total value of over 100,000 pounds, or approximately $125,000.

The man initially told police the items belonged to a roommate, who ‘fixes laptops and phones’, but the man could not explain why the goods were hidden in his closet. He eventually pleaded guilty.

Woman found AirPods and was confronted by retail worker

A woman in Australia had his stolen AirPods and spent four days trying to find them. But the quest ended when she confronted a Woolworth employee who appeared to have taken them.

According The daily mail, the AirPods owner had used Find My iPhone to track the alleged thief’s every move, even showing the employee the tracking notifications. The plan worked and the woman got her AirPods back.

In a similar situation in late May, Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel roamed the streets of Barcelona, ​​following the signal to his own stolen AirPods as he attempted to retrieve a stolen bag.

44 iPhones stolen from New Jersey mall

Thieves robbed an AT&T store in Millburn, NJ on May 26 steal 44 iPhones after holding up an employee at gunpoint. According Patch, the theft was committed by two men wearing balaclavas. One took the iPhones, while another stole the employee’s wallet.

Three suspects were later arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and weapons.

iCloud catches man accused of upskirting

A Scottish football manager has been arrested for take pictures upskirt from a colleague, and recordings found in her iCloud storage led to him getting caught. Edinburgh News reports that the photos were also found on a laptop that once belonged to the man.

The man had claimed he had “accidentally” taken the photos and immediately deleted them, but the discovery of the images on iCloud proved that excuse to be false.

Woman scammed out of $1,500 by fake Apple customer service

A Colorado woman who thought she was talking to Apple tech support to unlock her iPhone was instead robbed of $1,500. According The Denver Canalthe wife had googled seeking Apple tech support on her husband’s phone, but contacted a scammer instead.

Once she let the fake customer service representative access her account, according to the report, the woman immediately transferred money through the Zelle app.

Police search for stolen iPads leads to more stolen items, more murder suspect

Police in Jackson, Mississippi, were following the signal to an iPad that had been stolen from a car, and it led them to a house. What they found there included several stolen items, including cell phones and firearms.

WAPT reports that six minors were arrested at the scene, as was an 18-year-old man who is suspected in a recent murder.

Man arrested en route to recovering stolen iPhone

Police in Ambler, Pennsylvania, arrested a man on May 15 who was driving a car with a stolen license plate. He claimed he was in the area to “pick up a package for a friend”, but then told officers the package was a pair of stolen Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max models, which he had in his possession.

According Montgomery Crime Watch PA, the man had on a fake FedEx shirt, in order to impersonate a FedEx employee while handling the packages. The man was arrested and charged with two counts of theft of personal property and several counts of receiving stolen property. He was released on bail but later failed to appear for a preliminary hearing.

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