Desi Twitter user shares ‘hack’ to prevent your Apple AirPods from being stolen

Apple AirPods come with an option to customize them. (Photo: Reuters)

Desis has some creative suggestions on how to prevent your Apple AirPods from being stolen.

  • Last update:February 23, 2022, 09:07 IST

AirPods keep getting stolen? This Desi Twitter user has a genius hack for you that proves that necessity really is the mother of invention. Apple’s AirPods come with an option to personalize them where the buyer can have their name engraved, and Twitter user Pranav suggests you make it “Samsung” instead of your name. Another user, Kunal Sharma, thinks you could also do “Micromax”, whatever serves your purpose. You could argue that Micromax earphones are just as apt to steal as AirPods, but the latter’s market value could certainly make them a more lucrative steal. You have to admit: this hack has “nothing to do with”. Be advised, however; This hack could take away half of the reason anyone thinks about getting AirPods: flex.

Your AirPods should be fine now, unless you accidentally sabotage yourself by swallowing them. Yes, this is something that is known to happen more than once. For example, last year a 27-year-old podcaster managed to create a deep buzz involving a medical tablet, AirPods and her gut. At first, the order of the articles and the articles themselves might make you scratch your head, but it actually fits the premise of where Bellmer once found himself. An incident in the life of a Boston-born podcaster and beautician has gone viral on social media and is making AirPods users more cautious about their product. Apparently Bellmer pulled out one of her AirPods, which she thought was an 800mg ibuprofen tablet, and rinsed it in her belly with water.

For other genuinely concerning situations involving your AirPods, the following might help you track them physically. Apple has filed a patent that shows how its AirPods models will be able to track users’ physical activity. “Wireless Earphone System with Pose Detection,” is a newly revealed patent application that offers to determine details of your movement via AirPods, reports AppleInsider.

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