Does the iPhone 11 have wireless charging? What you should know

The iPhone 11 is still a solid smartphone in 2022. But how does it hold a charge when it comes to wireless charging? Here’s what you need to know.

Wireless charging is a standard and expected feature on most smartphones available today – but does that include the iPhone 11 from Apple? Although not used by everyone, wireless charging can be an incredibly useful feature. Come home, put your phone on a charging cradle, and the battery instantly starts to top up. There’s no hassle with wires, plugging in the charging port the right way, or anything like that.

Part of the reason wireless charging is so convenient is its wide availability on most smartphones. Recent flagships – like the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S22 – support wireless charging without a hitch. You’ll even find wireless charging on more affordable handsets like the Galaxy S21 FE, Google Pixel 6, and iPhone SE 3.

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But what about the iPhone 11? The iPhone 11 debuted in September 2020 as the successor to the iPhone XR. And even here in 2022, the iPhone 11 stands out as a respectable handset. There’s a 6.1-inch HD display, an A13 Bionic chip, and dual 12MP cameras. And — thankfully — wireless charging is also part of the spec sheet.

How wireless charging works on the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is fully capable of wireless charging, just like any other modern iPhone. If you place the iPhone 11 on any Qi charging accessory, the phone starts charging smoothly. The wireless charging speed is quite slow at just 7.5W, but the support is there regardless. Is this an ideal method if you need to recharge the iPhone 11 battery as soon as possible? No. But if you love wireless charging and enjoy it, the iPhone 11 is for you.

The only caveat to keep in mind is that the iPhone 11 doesn’t do not Supports MagSafe wireless charging. Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple added its MagSafe system which combines wireless charging with strong magnets, giving you convenient wireless charging with guaranteed placement when the magnets line up. The iPhone 11 lacks this extra feature.

While the lack of MagSafe charging is disappointing, support for standard Qi wireless charging on the iPhone 11 is still excellent. As long as you have an iPhone 11 and a standard wireless charging accessory, the two will work great together. Support for wireless charging on the Apple The iPhone 11 isn’t too flashy or exciting, but it also works exactly as expected.

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