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The evaluation software package(s) shown below are fully configured VMware instances (what is VMware?) that contain the following software components for the operating system version listed - PUMAdmin, PUMClient, pumacsd (Access Server software), pumausd (Audit Server software), pumx, Operating System, Tomcat, Java SE Development Kit and MySQL. As such, the package provides a comprehensive, fully integrated PUM environment which is pre-configured with at least one of every PUM object type. For a more comprehensive understanding of what the package contains and how to use it please read the Manual - PUM Evaluation VM installation guide.

The evaluation software package(s) contain known and potentially unknown errors (bugs), and should not be used in any form of production environment where failure of the software may cause harm.  You will not be able to evaluate the software without an evaluation software license key that will be sent to you by email.

Installation instructions
Name Product Version OS  
Manual - installing the V2.3 Evaluation Appliance 2.3.6 All Download (Inactive)
VMware virtual machines
Name Product Version OS  
PUM Evaluation Appliance V2.3.6 2.3.6 Debian GNU/Linux Download (Inactive)
PUM Managed Server Appliance V2.3 2.3.6 Debian GNU/Linux Download (Inactive)

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