EE are announcing summer plans for mobile phone, mobile phone, pay, devices and connected devices

Until now, EE started to kick off the early summer season – with incredible deals on the Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Pixel 6 Pro, iPhone 13 and so much more!

For a limited time only, EE prices have fallen on top of technology – including smart watches, handsets, pay as you go plus much more deals!

Post a new phone call on your new network? Maybe you think you’re going to watch the exchange pay as a contract to be reckoned with? Maybe you want to treat your dad to a new smartwatch or something else? EE Well you’ve covered a superb summer sale!

Customers are able to find a range of technology and accessories to offer too! With a large smartphone device available with deals in-store, online and over the phone, customers can take advantage of several brilliant deals from today until July 28th.

And that’s not all! EE will also be offering multiple stipends from June 7 to September 7!

Samsung Galaxy S22

Save £528 – When you trade on an old device with 40GB plans and above

Samsung Galaxy S22 is here. As long as the battery life and camera is incredible, get the S22 with 5G connectivity today!

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Save £202 – £20 at cost, 49 per month for 24 months with 100GB of information and unlimited minutes and texts

Hello to Google Pixel 6 Pro – the fastest and smartest Pixel yet, redesigned with a custom built Google Tensor processor and the most advanced Pixel camera ever.

iPhone 13

Save £106 – £20 up front price, £60 per month for 24 months unlimited data, minutes and texts

Apple iPhone 13 Pro with better camera system and battery life. iPhone 13 colors – pink, medium, star, blue, (product) red and green!

Now below you’ll find the best EE treatment that you can find on the market already, starting with a monthly salary.

Monthly Handset Price Plans

EE offers a great variety of monthly payments available on some of the latest smartphones on the market, giving customers access to huge savings of up to £528 on the fastest UK mobile network:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – save £250 – £20 upfront cost, £72 per month for 24 months with 100GB of monthly data and unlimited minutes and texts
  • OPPO Find X5 – save £164 – £30 upfront cost, £45 per month for 24 months with 40GB of monthly data and unlimited minutes and texts
  • Samsung Flip 3 – 40GB for 10GB price, £50 upfront cost, £47 per month for 24 months with 40GB monthly data and unlimited minutes and texts
  • iPhone 11 – save £154 – £10 upfront cost, £44 per month for 24 months with unlimited data and unlimited instants and texts
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 – save £528 – when commissioned on old devices over 40GB and above
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G – save £154 – £20 upfront cost, £31 per month for 24 months with 40GB monthly data and unlimited minutes and texts
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro – save £202 – £20 upfront cost, 49 per month for 24 months with 100GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts
  • iPhone 13 – save £106 – £20 upfront price

Pain Watches

Clients looking for a bag to pack in one of their nearest watches can do this:

Connected Tablets & Laptops

EE also provides new customers the opportunity to take LG, Acer or Lenovo connected laptops and tablets less in the lead up to the summer. Available through EE stores and EE telesales only.

Pay As You Go Packs

For clients who prefer to pay as they go, EE also includes the number of service deals you must-have on hand from 31 May – until 30 June and extra information about pay deals such as packs from 7th June to 7 September. and quadruple the data available

Must have consignment by 31st May includes:

  • Alcatel 1 2021 – £34.99 with £15 lower with a profit of £5
  • Doro 7030 – £69.99 with £20 lower with a gain of £10
  • Motorola E7 – £79.99 with £20 lower with the shorthand e£20
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 2022 – £129.99 with £20 top up with a return of £10

Extra information offers from June 7th include:

  • £10 for 20GB and 500 minutes
  • £15 for 50GB with unlimited minutes
  • £20 for 70GB and unlimited minutes

These are some of their exciting and enticing EE offerings right now, but you can find more on EE summer sales, including eligible plans and full offers and conditions on

Have you seen new handset offers you want to take advantage of? Or perhaps there is something in the sale which you asked for a season, and now is your chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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