February mobile alerts: 25GB of data for $16.80 per month and more

There are three definite things in life. Postage, death, and in some cases, telco will have to negotiate a special mobile device that will save you some money.

There is no need to drag around the internet and try to track down everything you acquire. Here are the mobiles you can get your hands on this month.

Woolworths mobile

If you don’t already know, if you are eligible to sign up for Mobile Eagle policy, you’ll have 10% off your groceries once a month if you still shop with Food People. Not a little very bad.

This plan takes you 12GB of data per 30 days to recharge and uses Telstra’s network. The other nifty thing about Atures Mobile is that you can donate unused data to select mobile Atures, and if you have a limit before recharge, you can roll up to 300GB of unused data.

Boost your mobile

Boost is the only smaller mobile provider that has full access to the Telstra network, and now a bonus 20GB of your data can take up to three recharges, making 40GB per month for $30.

I’m back to 20GB only data for $30 later. You can also hover over any unorthodox date to recharge your next one, plus unlimited international calls for 20 assignments. You have until March 28, this deal.


Mate now has a $10 one month plan that you will get from your internet, if you can collect the Mate NBN Mate phone plan of choice. The ‘Good Mates’ phone plan will have 10GB of information for $20 a month.

Other Mobile

Our big-animal-themed telco has the most current pricing: 25GB of data for just $16.80 for the first 12 months (before it returns to its original price of $23.80 per month).

It runs on other Opto mobile networks, and there is no contract that you can leave at any time.


If you know all the words to The little mermaidThis then pricks the ears from Telstra. If you are eligible to enroll in this $65 Regular Upfront Phone Plan, you will also get a good 12 month subscription to Disney+ for free. That is $65 a month for 80GB of data, data-sharing for eligible devices, no excess data charges and 12 months off your beloved Disney classics.


With the Circles.Vita 100GB mobile device, you can score 120GB of data for just $28 for the first four months. That’s 20GB of data assets and a discount of $17 a month. After four months, I’m back to 100GB of data for $45 a month.

You have until March 1st to use code CHEEKY120 to get the most out of this deal.

Circles.Life runs on the Opto network and is not limited to this device, so tell adios whenever you want.

Kate Reynolds is a Digital Content Editor at WhistleOutMobile and internet comparison sites from Australia.

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