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With Windows Phone infamously consigned to the history books, Microsoft’s move to Surface tablets, mobile apps, and their own Android phone in the form of the Surface Duo 2. But without a third option in the mobile space, iOS. and Google presides over a nefarious duopoly that could actively stifle competition while driving up prices for both developers and consumers.

Long-time readers of Windows Central will undoubtedly recall how tirelessly Google worked to undermine and dominate the Windows Phone platform. Google legally restricted access to its APIs, preventing Microsoft and third-party developers from making Windows Phone versions of their apps. Microsoft famously built the YouTube client in partnership with Google, until the company randomly determined that Microsoft’s YouTube app “violated” its API rules, effectively ending access to native YouTube on Windows Phone. This is not a bad faith anti-competitive behavior under Google (such as no ARM version of Chrome browser in Windows 11), as we all know, he supported. billions in many parts of the world for these arts. However, they have succeeded in contributing to the death of Windows Phone, effectively consolidating their monopoly on the cost of smartphones now and in the near future.