Five major changes coming to YOUR iPhone this year — and one you can’t ignore

APPLE plans to drop iOS 16 this fall – and that means big changes for your iPhone.

At its annual WWDC last week, the tech giant announced several jaw-dropping features for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


Apple plans to drop iOS 16 this fall – and that means big changes for your iPhone.

New changes are coming to your iPhone lock screen


New changes are coming to your iPhone lock screen

Here are five of your iPhone’s biggest features as iOS 16 drops.

Unsend iMessages

Apple finally offers its users the possibility of resuming an SMS after having sent it.

Users will also be able to edit text messages and get rid of embarrassing typos after pressing “send”.

It is important to note that these features will only work between iMessage users and not over SMS.

Your lock screen changes

Some of the biggest changes coming to the iPhone are the new lock screen settings.

Users will be able to create a variety of lock screens for different moods, focus, or times of day.

Each lock screen mode can be customized with its own wallpaper and widgets.

To switch between each lock screen, all you have to do is swipe across your screen.

Photo mix

This tool allows users to see an automatic slideshow of different photos on their lock screen.

You can either create a library of your favorite photos to display throughout the day, or iOS can choose for you.

Users can also decide the time intervals between each photo shuffle.

New privacy settings

Apple has unveiled a suite of new privacy and personal safety features aimed at helping these people escape abusive situations.

The new tools come under “Security Control” in Settings and allow iPhone users to quickly check who can see their location.

Within the tool, there are customizable sharing and access settings, as well as an emergency button that can reset any permissions you may have granted to anyone.

This “access reset” includes messages, app access, location tracking, etc.

Users are also automatically signed out of iCloud on all devices, while texts and calls are restricted to their iPhones.

Lock hidden photos

No one will ever be able to spy on your hidden photo folder again.

While you were able to hide all private pictures from your main photo stream, pretty much everyone knew where to find the hidden folder, which made the whole thing a little pointless.


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Well now it will be password protected by default.

You can also use Face ID or Touch ID to make it even easier.

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