Forget the iPhone 13, the iPhone SE 3, Take a Look at These 5 “Hatke” Apple Products from the Past

Although everyone knows the iPhone 13, iPhone SE 3, and Apple Watch as stellar Apple gadgets, but there are some truly hatke products that will make you say, “What were they thinking!” Here are 5 Apple products you wouldn’t even know existed.

For years, Apple has been known for many iconic, innovative, and groundbreaking products, including the iPhone, iPad, Watch, iMac, and many more. And even today, Apple continues to bring popular names like the iPhone 13, iPhone SE 3, iPad Air, and MacBook Pro to many homes. But did you know that the same company was also behind the first commercially successful digital camera, a Swiss army knife and a clothing line? If you haven’t, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve featured the top 5 “hatke” Apple products. Check out these products you never thought Apple could make.

Most of these products were made and sold in the past and all of them have been discontinued. However, they all played a part in the Cupertino-based tech giant’s journey to becoming what it is today. It’s interesting to see the research and thought processes that must have gone into building these products. So, let’s take a look at Apple products you probably didn’t even know existed.

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1. Apple Quick Plug

Labeled as the first consumer digital camera under $1,000 according to Time Magazine, the Apple QuickTake was first released in 1994. Interestingly, it was designed in collaboration with Kodak and was manufactured in Japan . The Apple QuickTake featured VGA resolution, a 50mm equivalent F/2 fixed lens, an optical viewfinder, and an LCD screen. This Apple product was a milestone for modern point and shoot cameras. The product was also listed as one of the 100 greatest and most influential gadgets from 1923 to the present day.

2. Apple Swiss Army Knife

Probably a product few would associate with the tech giant, but Apple once made the iconic Swiss Army knives. The Apple Swiss Army Knife was developed in collaboration with renowned Swiss army knife manufacturer Victorinox. Now defunct, you can still find this “hatke” Apple product on OLX or eBay. Today, it is a real collector’s item. Unboxing your iPhone 13 or iPhone SE 3 would be twice the fun with this Apple tool!

3. Apple Analog Wrist Watch

We’re all familiar with the Apple Watch – a smartwatch that not only tracks your activities, but also connects to all your Apple devices to create an easy way to stay connected. It was a simple black colored watch with white hands for the hours and minutes and a red arm for the seconds. Apple had put a “Think Different” label in the middle of the watch face and a rainbow Apple logo on top. Although it was not a commercially successful product and was discontinued soon after, it is still the Apple Watch with the highest battery backup.

4. Apple clothing line

Apple products are all the rage, but once upon a time, Apple was all about high fashion. Yes, in 1986 Apple briefly dabbled in a clothing line. The idea was directly conceptualized by Steve Jobs and soon Apple launched a wide range of sweatshirts, patterned shirts, polo shirts, caps and children’s clothing. The company called it the Apple Collection. The fourth item on our top 5 “hatke” Apple product lists may not have been successful, but it showed the company’s ability to think “differently.”

5. Apple Newton

In 1993, Apple released the Apple Newton. Apple Newton was a series of personal digital assistants (PDAs). The devices were preloaded with a variety of software to help users organize and manage personal data. It had tools like a calculator, conversion calculators (metric conversions, currency conversions, etc.), time zone maps and more. It also included one of the first handwriting recognition tools. However, the company soon ran into trouble due to production issues and its overpriced nature and it was discontinued in 1998. The naming of the product is also interesting. Apple chose Newton for the obvious reference. But given that Apple’s first digital assistant was called Newton, it’s worth wondering if the product didn’t fail, we might have Newton in the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE instead of Siri- maybe be.

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