How iOS 16 and Android 13 Will Change the Future of Smartphones?

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Your smartphone will soon become even more tightly tied with nondigital aspects of your life. That’s one of the main takeaways from iOS 16 and Android 13New mobile programs are coming out later this year from Apple and Google. Both technicians want to turn your phone into a digital wallet to store your legal ID and other essential documents, driving your phone closer to your identity than ever before. Organizations are also continuing to improve the way to communicate with mobile phones, smart home gadgets, and other daily devices.

each iOS 16 and Android 13 are filled with tweaks and new features, some of which are heavier than digital networks and faster links (eg Apple Safety Check tool to protect victims of domestic abuse, and add new private updates to Google). But the overlap between the two operating systems in our phone service has changed. According to Apple’s latest posts and Google, what’s going on? round your phone will be just as important as it is on on your phone.

The more our phones are tied to everyday essentials like wallet, card credit, cars and home appliances, the harder it will be to move away from them (even between iPhone and Android). The concept is not new; The industry has moved in this direction for years. The changes on iOS 16 and Android 13 bring some great features to Apples and Google’s access that will probably accelerate this effort.

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Replacing the physical bag

screenshot from Google I/O May 2022

Google adds digital driver’s licenses to Google Wallet.

Google; screenshot from CNET

The digital wallet was a big focus on both Apple’s iOS 16 announcement and Google’s Android 13 preview. Most significant changes to come with Apple Pay there is a new option called Apple Pay Laterhe splits the purchase price into four equal payments over six weeks. With iOS 16, the card identity stored in the Apple Wallet can also be used to verify your age on the Apps. The addition comes after Apple added support for digital IDs for the first time last year.

Google interim major revamp ad own wallet app during his I/O interview last month that led him to prompt action with Apple. The new Google Wallet Personal documents like payment and paper passes, vaccination tablets climbing passes and student IDs, many like Apple Wallet. Google is also working with the government to support digital IDs.

Taken together, Apples and Google’s updates represent another step toward their common goal of making the physical obsolete – a shift that will make us more confident on mobile devices.

Google stresses this ambition just before becoming familiar with new updates Google I/O in the month of May

“Indeed, these days there are only two things I can’t leave home without home: my phone and my wallet,” Sameer Samat, Android and Google Play product administration chairman, said on stage. “The question is, can I store my phone in my wallet?”

Corey Fugman, Apple’s senior director at Wallet and Apple Pay, made similar keynote statements during WWDC on Monday.

“With Apple Wallet, we’re working diligently to store your physical wallet,” he said.

People have already embraced the idea of ​​replacing physical credit cards with smartphone phone payment apps. Mobile media use in store payment like Apple Pay is expected to surpass 50% of all smartphone users in the US by 2025, according to a report by 2021 from eMarketer. Apple’s new Post Pay option and Google’s renewed focus on its mobile wallet could make the idea of ​​leaving your physical wallet more appealing to your home.

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Your phone is everywhere

Google Explorer

Google’s new visual search tool store unique products in a curious range.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Store only one Apple wallet now and Google hopes to make our phone more profitable offline in daily life. Both companies have also introduced a smartphone-based camera tool, which can make navigating the real world easier. Another main theme is the increased connection between mobile devices and the auxiliary homes, cars and speakers.

Apple and Google both believe that the camera should continue to play a big role in how we cohere with each other. With iOS 16, you can translate text into different languages ​​using the new camera option in Apple’s Translate App. By his own WWDC keynote presentationThe company has shown how this can be used to translate an entire kitchen menu into another language. You can also track flights or coin convertibles by just tapping on text in a photograph.

Google displayed its ambition its Lens expansion app It is called the “scene explorer” at Google I/O, which connects its search excellence to the real world. Shy your phone through the products desk, and get information and evaluations on the screen to help you find the right pick. Google search head Prabhakar Raghavan cites the ability of children to find plenty of free snacks or spices in the physical store for example.

That the execution may be different, but the concept is similar. Now we are accustomed to food, taxis and other family essentials to order with pellet beads on our mobile. Now Apple and Google are determined to make our mobile phones a critical part of performance operations in the enterprise, and the camera will be a major part of that.

Google and Apple also liked their vision to turn our phone into a link center with other tools around us. Google explained how Android 13 It would make your phone better by combining it with other devices with support for fast-pairing, automatic audio switching between devices, and the ability to facilitate easier messages synthesis between your phone and your computer. Even revealed new split-screen interface for Android Auto this should make multitasking easier while you’re on the road.

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apple-carplay-wwdc-2022 preview-twist-0010x30m31s666.png

Apple’s new iOS-inspired CarPlay interface.


Apple has facilitated the process of managing HomeKit machines with the redesigned home app for the iPhone. But perhaps the biggest area where Apple’s plans to extend the reach of the iPhone is in the car. The crowd teased a revamp of its carPlay software which looks like an integrated operating system for the car, complete with app icons, contents and other user interface elements that look like an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Smart homes and cars are not new ideas. Both Apple and Google have been an integral part of the enterprise for years. But iOS 16 and Android 13 show how Apple and Google should communicate and interact with Visions for these devices.

As the Nexus smartphone comes with everything from your credit to the thermostat to the car, Apple and Google makes its aesthetic more personalized. When iOS 16 launches this event, you will get your iPhone new lock screen with the help of Apple Watches content and new photos effects in background images. Google expands its content with a very clear color that can be applied to the entire operating system.

There is much more to iOS 16 and Android 13 than its new functional wallet, improved camera tools to build real world objects, and improved connectivity. These features not only show how essential the phone would fit in our lives both online and offline, but also show where the industry is aiming for next.

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