How should the Champions League and Erik Ten Hag deal with the Cristiano Ronaldo conundrum?

It is safe to say that the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United that he expected has not gone quite well.

The wild hope that Ronaldo accompanied the 12-year-old from his departure to Real Madrid’s re-signing club the following season has been completely cut off. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has elevated the trophy since his first season at Trafford and has decided to keep flowing back triumphs at Manchester City.

“I think it’s the best thing I’ve done,” said U nited’s official signing for the club from Juventus.” It’s just a matter of my opinion. Now that I’m moving from Manchester to Manchester, I am a new head, I’m so happy and happy, and I want to play again, make history, try to help Manchester City achieve great results, and make trophies number one. so great.

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However, the United States has come forward to bring about almost nothing in another campaign of chaos, who will be looking to reach the trophy of their drought in the fifth year. Also, instead of challenging to win the Champions League, United almost certainly did not even qualify for next year’s edition of the competition.

It would be a miracle for the United States to catch the horrendous points that Tottenham and Arsenal would have in fourth place in the stadium and as a result, after their return next year, Ronaldo would be in doubt.

The Portuguese did not play in the Europa League, because he was named the UEFA Cup and was a teenager in Sporting. As a man who has become synonymous with top competitions in Europe, it’s hard to see him play Thursday night in one of the final years of his career.

United players celebrate

Ronaldo still has a year remaining on his contract, while United will have the option to post it for a further 12 months, as soon as the club will have to decide what they want to do with the aging star this summer.

MEN writers have debated what Britain should have to do with Ronaldo during his conundrum.

Samuel Luckhurst

The situation is of particular importance when United can be inclined to the fact that it is to this The coach whose best work was at Hoffenheim, Schalke and RB Leipzig, can handle the future of Ronaldo. That doesn’t make Ralf Rangnick’s opinion, and he’s already running out of some stats for United. But it would be hard to put Ronald in the dunghill with them.

For all the pseudo-intellectual analysis of Ronaldo this season, United has not started one out of nine games, has won and Ronaldo tore twice as many goals as the next highest scorer. There have been 18 goals in the Premier League and Champions League and half of them are winners.

Almost as soon as he hit the first goal against Tottenham, Ronaldo was back in his own country on the track. More importantly (who is not at 37 that ever?), but other teams have succeeded with Ronaldo in the 30-forward half by some means.

While Ronaldo wants to stay on time, which he can’t get here Thursday night, Erik Hag has ten to deal with most when rotated with a smaller forward. Then he would have short-term and long-term options.

Rich Fay

Ronaldo could not have the right to sign for United next summer, but he can’t deny the impact he has made on the pitch at the moment, even if the demands of his modesty have burst into the commodities-mongers room.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring against Tottenham Hotspur
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring against Tottenham Hotspur

Although he is incredibly soft, the Portuguese’s needles have been corroded by his talent, but if he were lucky enough to last one last season, then it would be silly for the United States to leave him. Not only is it an incredible thing to have on the squad, but an incredible role model for his teammates and such continuity would be a blessing in the next battle.

Rangnick has already committed to signing the junior forward next season, and his plan would be to complete a succession plan for Britain to learn a new signing from the biggest ever proposed sequence before he would cease to struggle and succeed in the space of a year.

Ultimately, with the decision to throw a new manager and whatever Ten Hag wants to do, United should follow the club on its seismic first summer.

Daniel Murphy

Ronaldo is clearly a shoddy force right now, but still remains one of the Premier League’s most deadly finishers, with only four players getting more league goals than him, and while United have starved of attacking options already, it would be foolish if he let go. they are not working together.

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With Edinson Cavani’s impending departure, Ronaldo will be United’s only natural central striker and with Antonio Martial angling to move and Mason Greenwood’s well-known rushing manager choices, the attack will be severely limited. The new striker is already on the market for a summer transfer and if Ronaldo should leave, that could mean that another signing would need attention among other areas.

Also, while Ron Verge can lose pace and his lack of ball pressure often leaves United, this season he played under two less-starred coaches who say he can’t get back to his best. Under a steward who gives him a better chance to play? If Ronaldo wants to stay, United should keep him for at least another year.

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