How to Boost Your iPhone’s Speed ​​With a Simple Trick

As amazing as the iPhone is, it’s almost inevitable that your once prized device will start to slow down over time. Now, to Apple’s credit, the iPhone today has a noticeably longer lifespan compared to iPhone models of the past. While upgrading your iPhone every two years was a necessity a few years ago – made easier by generous subsidies – today’s iPhones can easily last for years without wasting time. That said, if your device is running slow and you want the fast iPhone of old, we’ve got you covered.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that slow iPhone performance can be attributed to several causes. For example, if your storage is at capacity or even close to capacity, it can have a huge impact on how quickly your iPhone performs basic functions. But today we’re going to focus on one way to speed up your iPhone: clearing the cache.

Want a fast iPhone? Clear cache on mobile Safari

Although we usually associate browser cache clearing with desktop and laptop computers, clearing cache on mobile browsers can also help clean up your system. By doing so, you can rid your system of all sorts of pesky files and scripts that have accumulated over the years.

To clear the cache on mobile Safari, start by opening the Settings app. Then scroll down until you see the Safari pane. From there, you will see an option called “Clear History and Website Data”.

As a caveat, you should be fully aware of what it does before selecting it. Simply put, clearing your history and website data will clear all of your browser history. Moreover, it will also erase all saved passwords for the websites you have saved.

If this warning is not a problem, tap on the aforementioned option. A warning prompt will appear. Accept the prompt and your browser will be in full working order. More importantly, if your device has been a bit slow, you may very well see faster iPhone performance afterwards.

It should be noted that it is possible to delete cookies but to keep your history. You can do this by going to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data. Then just press Delete all website data.

How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome

Close-up of a person’s hands pressing a smartphone screen. Image source: Sitthiphong/Adobe

If you’re someone who opts for Google Chrome over mobile Safari, well, I can’t really blame you. If you belong to this particular group, clearing Google Chrome’s cache is as easy as it is for mobile Safari.

To get started, take out your iPhone and launch Google Chrome. While doing so, you’ll want to tap on the three horizontal dots at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data.

Note that Google gives you a bit more granularity here. You will see that you have the option to delete cookies, browser history, or cached images and files. What’s even more impressive is that you can delete the above data over specific time periods. For example, rather than clearing all of your browser history, you can choose to clear your browser history for the past hour, past 24 hours, past seven days, past 30 days, and, of course, forever.

As we explained earlier, Google Chrome also has a quick delete option that will delete the last 15 minutes of your browser history. You can access it by tapping your profile icon in the top-right corner, then tapping “Delete last 15 minutes.”

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