How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery

The Apple TV Remote (Siri Remote) comes with a rechargeable battery, and for the most part you won’t really need to think about charging the remote as it lasts several months on a charge. However, whether you’re just curious about your Siri Remote’s battery life or wondering if you need to charge it, here’s how to easily check the Apple TV remote’s battery.

How to Check, Charge, and Change the Apple TV Remote Battery (tvOS 15/16)

Although the Apple TV shows a notification when the remaining battery on the remote drops below 20%, let’s see how you can manually keep track of the remaining battery in your Apple TV remote.

How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery Percentage Level

The settings app has a dedicated “Remote” section so you can easily track the battery level of your Apple TV.

  • First, run the Settings app on your Apple TV.
  • Now choose Remote control and devices.
remote and device settings in apple tv
remote settings to check apple tv remote battery percentage

Here you will be able to see the battery percentage of the Apple TV remote.

check battery percentage apple tv remote

To note:

  • It’s important to note that if your Siri Remote is charging, a lightning bolt icon will appear to the right of the remote.
  • However, if your Siri Remote is not charging, a bar inside the battery icon will show the relative charge level.

How to Charge Your Siri Remote

Charging the Siri Remote is as easy as it gets. Depending on your Apple TV model (Apple TV 1st Generation, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K, etc.), you may have the old Siri Remote (the one with the giant touchpad) or the new Apple TV Remote (the aluminum one, shown on the left in the image below). However, no matter what model of Apple TV you have, both of these remotes charge the same.

1. To get started, connect one end of a Lightning cable to the Lightning port on the bottom of the Siri Remote.

How to Check Apple TV Remote Battery
Image courtesy: Apple

2. Now connect the other end of the cable to a USB power adapter or computer USB port, then let your remote charge peacefully.

Apple TV Remote Battery Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take Siri Remote to fully charge?

Usually, Siri Remote takes about three hours (in some cases, two and a half hours) to fully power up. So, you will have to be patient with it. The good thing is that you can continue to use your Siri Remote while it charges. Or you can use your iPhone to control Apple TV while your remote charges.

Yes you can. Since the 1st and 2nd generation Siri Remote has a Lightning port, it can be charged with the same Lightning cable you use to power your iPhone or iPad.

  • How do you change the battery in your Apple TV remote?

The original Apple TV remote in white or aluminum design comes with a replaceable CR 2032 coin cell battery. Therefore, you can easily change the battery of your original Apple TV remote. The CR 2032 coin cell battery is available at most general retailers and you can also buy it online.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to change the battery of the first and second generation Siri Remotes. If the Siri Remote does not hold a charge longer, purchasing a replacement is the best solution.

  • Can I add the Apple TV remote battery to the Battery widget on iPhone?

No, you cannot view the battery percentage of your Apple TV remote in the iOS battery widget. Currently, the devices that show on the iOS battery widget are those paired with your iPhone, such as AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, etc.

Easily check the battery of your Apple TV remote

This is how you can track the battery level of your Apple TV remote and charge it. It’s great that you don’t need to buy batteries for the Siri Remote, and you can just charge it with a lightning cable once every few months. And now that you know how to check Apple TV remote battery percentage, you can make sure you have enough charge left when you want. The Siri Remote is also very useful, it supports a bunch of amazing games for Apple TV, and you can always connect a controller to your Apple TV and play tvOS games on Apple Arcade.

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