How to Use the iPhone Camera Grid to Create Perfectly Framed Photos

An easy way to take a stunning photo with a smartphone camera is to frame it correctly, and the iPhone camera grid can help you do just that.

iPhone are a great tool for the average user to take great photos, and using the camera app’s built-in photo grid can make photos and videos even more beautiful. Apple smartphones come with at least two cameras, but more expensive models can come with up to four cameras. Basic iPhones, like the third-generation iPhone SE, come with two cameras. There’s a rear-facing camera for photos and videos, and a front-facing camera for selfies and videos. More advanced iPhones, like the iPhone 13 Pro, have four cameras in total. This includes a front-facing selfie camera and three rear-facing cameras for specialty shots.


But to take great photos with an iPhone, it’s important to frame the shot well. Those with photography experience might know exactly what that means, but most people use their iPhones to capture quick moments as a photo or video. One of the biggest selling points of Apple devices is their ease of use, and the iPhone’s cameras and the pre-installed camera app are part of that. With software optimization and quick settings toggles, users of any level of photography experience can take great photos on an iPhone.

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The Camera app usually displays a clear viewfinder that depicts exactly what’s facing the camera, but it can be difficult to frame quality shots with this view. Instead, users can add a grid overlay above the viewfinder that can be used for precise framing, resulting in better photos and videos. To enable iPhone’s camera grid, go to the Settings app and click ‘Camera.‘ Users will see a collection of different settings and toggles that relate to their device’s camera. Scroll to ‘Gate,’ and tap the toggle to enable the camera grid.

Effective use of the iPhone’s camera grid

Once the setting is enabled, users will see a 3 x 3 grid overlaid above the viewfinder whenever they open the camera app. This can help frame photos better, especially those with a person or other important subject in view. To take the best shot, make sure the subject is centered in the frame. If the subject is a person, it’s usually best to make sure the person’s shoulders are parallel to the horizontal lines of the camera grid. Additionally, framing the subject’s head between the two vertical lines of the grid can make the shot more appealing to viewers. Enabling the iPhone camera grid only takes a few quick steps, and it can result in much better photos with great framing.

There are also software features in the camera app that can be used to automatically improve the appearance of iPhone photos. The most common is Portrait mode, which identifies the focus of a photo before it’s taken. After a user takes the photo, the background of the image is blurred to highlight the main subject of the photo. It’s part of image post-processing, which includes all the software optimization that happens to a photo after it’s taken. Even with Portrait mode though, using the iPhoneThe camera grid next to it can give a perfectly framed shot.

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