How to use your smartphone to cam

If you use Mac computer

If you’re on Mac and to have an iPhone, NeuralCam Live is recommended. This app requires an iPhone or iPad, a device that 89 percent of Mac customers from October 2020 to September 2021 are already interested in, according to Michael R. Levin, founder of the Chicago-based Consumer Intelligence Research Group, which Apple studies. Product-owned purchasing behavior as part of its investment research. For Mac buyers 45 and older at the same time, 82 percent also own an iPhone.

As with the DroidCam, NeuralCam Live is a free basic function, but you can pay $5 per month ($30 per year) to remove padded features and unlock padded features, such as low-mode and access to certain filters. To set it up, remove and install Mac Software to your computer.

Now take off your NeuralCam Live app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone and open it. Tap to access the camera and microphone. Connect your iPhone with your Mac with its Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt 3 cable.

Finally, open your favorite video chatting app and you should see Neuralcam Live such as the camera option, often in the pull-down menu. If you don’t see it, lock your video chat app, restart your computer and open it again NeuralCam Live.

Pro tip: NeuralCam Live is not working with Safari in your browser. If you use a chatting platform like Google Meet, be sure to push it through another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

If you have an Android phone Reincubate’s Camo app offers a Mac and computer solution. Download from the Google Play Store for free app for smartphones running Android 7 or newer. The company recommends you press down and open the app for the first mobile device, which is the command you have to download and run Camo Studio on your Mac.

Then connect your smartphone with a Mac computer with USB-C or, if you have a larger phone, a micro-USB-to-USB-C cable. After you follow the instructions for opening Camo Studio, your Android phone will automatically connect to the Mac, and it will be similar to your favorite chat app when using neuralCam Live.

Camo compatible with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom and many other video chat apps, but not with Apple’s FaceTime. Like NeuralCam Live, Safari doesn’t work in your browser. Camo also has a pro version with additional features for $5 a month ($40 per year).

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