Huge iPhone upgrade revealed – but Apple fans all have the same complaint

Happy SNAPPY iPhone enthusiasts might be a little disappointed if the latest upgrade rumor turns out to be true.

Before we even set eyes on the iPhone 14, we are already talking about its successor and what could be in it.


Some think the supposed upgrade doesn’t go far enoughCredit: Getty

According to an expert, the iPhone 15 Pro could be in for a slightly disappointing upgrade.

This model could feature a periscope lens with a 5x optical zoom.

While a periscope lens does things differently, resulting in better optical zoom, many hoped the tech giant would go a step further.

Samsung and Huawei already offer similar technology in their smartphones, allowing up to 10x optical zoom.

And given that we’re talking about the iPhone coming out next year – not this year – Apple could find itself quite behind its rivals by then.

That said, Apple has been known to hold back from the crowd and opt to perfect new technologies first, so the proof will be in the pudding.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a periscope lens with 5x optical zoom.

But it’s also too far to tell if that will become a reality when the iPhone 15 launches in late 2023.

The last indication comes via 9to5Mac, which saw a report from analyst Jeff Pu.

Apple has apparently been in early talks with the specialists at Lante Optics.

The company’s iPhone experts have reportedly already received samples and will make a decision by May.

It is claimed that if a deal is struck, the company will likely supply Apple with over 100 million components.

But before all that, we still have the iPhone 14 to look forward to – and that in itself has already had its fair share of rumours.

The handset isn’t expected to be released until September, but thanks to leaked information from Apple insiders, we largely know what it will look like.

Notably, the iPhone maker is strongly tipped to ditch its notch, where the front camera and Face ID sensor are housed, in favor of the punch-hole design pioneered by rivals Samsung and Huawei.

Apple is believed to be sticking to the design of its next line of iPhones as it seeks to move away from the curved edges that its devices have sported for years.

Reverse wireless charging, which allows users to provide emergency power to friends, is also said to be on board.

Rivals have beefed up their camera tech in recent years


Rivals have beefed up their camera tech in recent years
A fan-made video shows what the iPhone 14 could look like when it launches later this year

In other news, a new space station that Tom Cruise has filmed on has made jaws drop for all the wrong reasons.

Scientists have pinpointed when they believe the Sun will explode and wipe out everything on Earth in the process.

And Apple is working on a fix for a recently discovered bug that is capable of exposing iPhone users’ personal data.

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