I worked like an Apple genius – my iPhone cable hack will change your life and save you from buying a new one

A TIKTOKER has revealed how Apple teaches its employees to manage iPhone charging cables.

It’s all in the twist.


Standard iPhone cords are three feet longCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“Tell me something a job taught you that you will never forget no matter what,” the TikTok began.

Cut to @lovenehajhawho worked at the Apple Store and has a useful hack for organizing iPhone cables.

“To organize your charging cable, grab it, fold it in half, and fold it in half again,” she said.

You should have four lengths of rope in your hands if you started the trick correctly.

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Twist the cords so one segment wraps around your index finger, another segment wraps around your pinky and ring finger while the rest of the cords hang over your middle finger.

Take one segment, which should look like a circle, and push it through the other circle.

“And, loopty loop,” she says.

Pull it tight and you’ll have a contained iPhone cord that won’t come loose.

Apple Stores, with open floor plans and glass panels, were meticulously designed by Steve Jobs.

The original store in San Francisco budgeted $1 million for two glass staircases.

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Apple Genius Bars are a unique form of customer service – somewhere between in-person tutorial and engineering.

Luckily, some of their ideas are landing on social media, like this latest cable hack.

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