Incredible Apple Glass Concept Video Shows How AR Glasses Could Work

A recent Apple Glass concept video reveals how easy, intuitive and useful an augmented reality-enhanced future could be with the company’s wearable.

glass of apple isn’t real, at least not yet, but you might not know it after watching an amazing concept video on how Apple’s augmented reality glasses work. While many demos have been eye-catching with fun and quickly forgotten visual effects, the goal is to create something incredibly practical to spice up everyday life.

Apple seems to think AR will be the next big thing, and most other big tech companies agree. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Snap are just a few of the major players, each having launched true AR glasses or headsets with limited success. Apple generally takes a different approach, testing internally and entering an established market with a solid product that fixes existing problems. Various leaks indicate that 2022 will be the year Apple’s first AR headset is expected to be announced, and it should be an exciting product.


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A recent YouTube concept video, created by the hacker 34, gives a fairly accurate representation of what it might be like to wear the AR glasses that Apple is reportedly developing. Presenting a first-person perspective, the user interface is simulated and aligns with current Apple technology and how it might work based on Apple patent documents. Siri voice commands and hand gestures are used to interact with the device, providing a great visualization of how Apple’s realityOS or rOS might work. It’s the presumed name of the operating system for Apple’s augmented and virtual reality headset that’s expected to be announced, or possibly previewed, this year, with the final Apple Glass product still a few years away.

Apple Glass makes life easier

Apple logo on woman's eye AR augmented reality

Continuity features are a big part of the Apple ecosystem and this is well represented in the video with AirPods being found using an AR alert that one left behind and providing distance to the missing earbud . Identifying the battery level of an iPhone, AirPods and MacBook with a Siri command is a cool and practical idea. Even more impressive is the use of AR glasses to extend a MacBook’s screen with virtual windows that float on either side of the actual screen. It’s a bit like using Sidecar or Universal Control to use an iPad as a second screen for a Mac.

Obviously, walking or driving directions that appear to be floating in mid-air like a real heads-up display would be among the most useful AR features and the video reveals what that could look like. To go further, Apple Glass can ensure the safety of its owner with an alert in the event of a fast approaching vehicle when trying to cross the road. Although this clever concept video is a bit futuristic, it at the same time imagines wearing glass of apple in a way that feels quite realistic and true to how Apple might implement this technology.

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Source: Hacker 34/YouTube

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