iOS 16 to reach iPhone 13 and older models LATE! The reasons behind this are REGARDING

The iOS 16 update for the iPhone 13 and older models may be late to the public during beta testing. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

iOS 16 is only a few months away, but the news about its arrival could be disheartening for Apple fans! In less than a month, Apple will announce iOS 16 at the WWDC22 event. As is standard, Apple prepares developer builds for testing soon after, and in late June the first public betas were released. This year however, rumors suggest that public betas might take their time to arrive. In fact, the first two versions of the public beta can completely ignore us!

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says iOS 16 development is facing some issues due to bugs and issues in early builds. Therefore, Apple might take longer to overwrite them and make the beta more stable. By the time the bugs are squashed enough for the public, Apple might release the third beta to users around the world. Gurman, however, says the development process is smooth, all of which could change iOS 16. Therefore, there is always a chance that Apple will release betas of iOS 16 in due course.

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iOS 16 could be delayed this year

Over the past few years, Apple has mostly met the release deadlines for its public betas of iOS. Last year’s iOS 15 came out early and while it didn’t bring much to the iPhone other than Focus mode, it was iPadOS 15 that got a lot of changes, especially with the customizable home screen that can now manage widgets.

With iOS 16, rumors suggest that Apple will improve its notification management system. Apple had introduced the notification digest a few versions ago and updated the notification boxes. However, there could be big changes this time around and we expect to see something closer to how Android handles its notifications.

Apart from that, iOS 16 would also bring some health tracking features and some other changes. iPadOS 16 would bring a new multitasking user interface, while watchOS9 might bring additional health tracking features, similar to iOS 16.

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Rumors also suggest that the iOS 16 update may rule out the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE 1st generation this year. All iPhone models from iPhone 7 and newer could be supported this year.

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