iPhone 13 Mini to iPhone SE 3rd Gen…

I have a small persistent problem: I always have voltage headaches because of the PWM on the iPhone 13 Mini.

That’s what prompted me to return the iPhone X in favor of the iPhone 8 Plus, which admittedly was my least favorite iPhone having owned all generations, and out of necessity avoid the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12. I tried the iPhone 12 Pro Max, although the headaches were about as much of a problem as the iPhone X.

Long story short, Apple has improved the brightness controller in the iPhone 13 series, and my headaches with the iPhone 13 Mini in particular have been greatly reduced. My main issue is that I still have persistent tension headaches after use which include throbbing behind my eye although it is noticeably and relatively lessened compared to the iPhone X at the point where I am almost able to keep it.

What I find is that I love this little iPhone is my favorite of the current generation, so much that I don’t want to give it back. My previous second-generation iPhone SE looks outdated by comparison. I’m surprised how much bigger the iPhone 13 Mini’s screen is, while the phone itself is smaller. It’s a major improvement, and the OLED display ironically makes it even more enjoyable to use.

For the average consumer, a price difference of around $250 between the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone SE should be easily justifiable. Still, the new iPhone SE will likely outsell the iPhone 13 Mini, which is a shame because I think it’s the perfect size for an iPhone. That’s uncompromising compared to a standard iPhone 13. In fact, the higher pixel density on the screen is noticeable and makes it even better.

That’s beside the point because it may be better for me to return the iPhone 13 Mini and upgrade to a third-generation iPhone SE. I’m afraid I’ll regret my decision, even though I don’t really have a choice: it’s either to deal with the reduced headaches of the iPhone 13 Mini, or to upgrade to the iPhone SE, which is better than expected in practical use, and perhaps feeling disappointed for the next few years.

The iPhone SE appears to be a powerhouse, and the new glass will serve to refresh a dated design. It was great to have TouchID while wearing a mask. Even the screen has a color calibration that matches the iPhone 13 and should hopefully serve to be further improved on the next generation.

I was able to keep my second-gen iPhone SE for ~8 months before upgrading to the iPhone 13 Mini. I would probably consider the iPhone 14 hoping that Apple continues to improve the PWM rate. Either way, I’ll definitely upgrade to the latest iPhone SE if I return my iPhone 13 Mini, which is a decision I’ll have to make by Friday.

While it’s unfortunate to be PWM-sensitive on OLED iPhones, Apple has thankfully been great about it.

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